Hollow Fiber Membrane producing Equipment

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Hollow Fiber Membrane producing Equipment

○ Hollow-Fiber Membrane Production Line Flow Sheet


  1. Preparing Dope Solution and Metering Equipments
  2. Preparing Core Solution and Metering Equipments
  3. Equipments for removing air bubbles in solution
  4. Coagulation Bath
  5. Washing Bath
  6. Winder and Dancer Roll

○ Module Production System Flow Sheet


  1. Rewinding Unit
    The process of cutting the Hollow-Fiber Membrane that was winding in bobbin per length and number of filament designed
  2. Fiber Cutting & Setting Unit
    The process of cutting the bundle of Hollow-Fiber Membrane regularly and potting the edge of them.
  3. Potting
    The process of fixing the Hollow-Fiber Membrane and its case with urethane by Centrifugal Potting Machine.
  4. Module Cutting
    The process of the finished products by cutting the edge of filter which was potted in order to make the Hollow path.
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