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“H-alpha30 serum”

Korean Cosmetics Hyaluroic Acid serum

By Woorhi Mechatronics Co., Ltd


Brand: AWY(Always With You)

Size: 30ml/bottle

Skin Type: All skin types

Origin: Made in Korea


rejuvenating, youth, young
As time passes and skin ages, youthful skin structure gets loosen because of collagen depletes. It causes aging and wrinkles. Our formulated with natural ingredients for rejuvenation, H.a30 serum helps your skin boost collagen production and moisturize deeply.


Moisturizing, Anti-Oxidant and aging, Lightening, Soothing sensitive skin

H-a30 is made of Hyaluronic Acid which is effective for moisturizing and anti-aging for skin. We also infused Ginseng Root Extract for anti-aging, Ganoderma Lucidum Extract for anti-oxidant. H-a30’s ingredients are all natural. It directly replaces the one chemical element of your skin that your body naturally produces under ideal conditions. Especially using with MTS, would be more helpful for the skin.

[How to Use]

a. Use it as daily care product

- Cleanse face

- Apply H.a serum for whole face as daily care skin care product

- Gently massage face to be absorbed soltion


b. Use it to relieve stimulated skin

-Apply H.a serum after Micro-needling 




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