E-Crystal80 and Iris recognition system

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Ever since its business inauguration as Yaelim International in 1988, EXA Partition Division has provided the market with a unique full partition system using Mono-Block Type panel. This system is more advanced than the conventional SGP panel and is based on our advanced technology and experience.

EXA E&C strives to realize Customer Satisfaction with our products, which increase the interior effect with their various designs and styling. In addition, the system drastically reduces the maintenance cost with easy and efficient installation and disassembly.

EXA E&C will continue our endeavors to develop the best quality product that matches the rapidly changing market needs to create a comfortable and flexible workplace.

E – Crystal 80, the Glass Partition offers our customer brand new high quality stylish design.
This glass partition system has excellent interior effect and self leveling function. It creates comfortable ambiance and stylish office space too.
Single Glass, Double Glass or All Steel panels can be catered as well as adapted to various customers' preference.

The Profiles of E - Crystal 80 are made of Aluminum for perfect structural holding of glass panels.
The Stylish material will surely match to different luxurious interior designs.

E - Crystal 80 has adopted polycarbonate as connecting element of glass panels to maximize the clear and transparent image of the product and so as to create a more trendy and luxurious environment.


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