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It is ergonomically designed shoes to strengthen Achilles and take a whole body stretching effect for the busy modern people and can let them put it in and stretch calf in their lower body during free time, working time at an office or house without going to Gym, any training machine.  It can also be carried during tour or business trip.

Front side of the shoes in upper position and bottom ground of the shoes at the front has a tilt angle.  So, the heel gets touched on the floor and it is a well-being health care shoes ergonomically designed to make the heel stand toward balls of feet.

◈ Best function

 - Strengthen and stretch weak and stiff calf to release the tension of calf

 - Just stand yourself in well-being healthcare shoes and stretch your calf and lower body.  It is an indoor

health shoes to be able to help you obtain health effect.

 - Use it every day.  Leg-beauty including calf and release the tension and stress of body.

 - There are many kinds of meridian system and acupoint in the feet.  Good for blood circulation and keeping

healthy function of internal organs and body through acupressure.

 - Flexible body through stretching calf just for 1 minute a time.

 - Sit on a sofa or chair while putting it in for about 15minutes and it can be the same working effect for

about 1 hour.

 - Indoor working for 5 minute can be the same as working for 60minutes.

 - Acupressure heel insert made of Hardwood charcoal grown from Jiri mountain in Korea absorbs

electromagnetic waves and a positive ion of emissions ingredients on the air and emits a negative ion.

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