Led Desk lamp for studying, reading book

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LED Desk Lamp


■  LED Desk Lamp is the newest unique design lamp from Tbasis, Korea.

This round design lamp is not only for modern style design but also for your eye protection. The round head focuses the light, making no shade and showing excellent light concentration.

This innovative lamp provides UV free LED light suitable for work, studying and living activities. Highly energy-efficient and eco-friendly LED Desk Lamp consumes less than 7.5W, saving 70 - 80% of the energy consumed by the fluorescent light. The lifespan of the lamp is over 50,000 hours and it contains no mercury or other environmentally harmful substances. With easy-to-use touch switch controls and a variety of brightness levels, this lamp can fulfill any lighting needs.



By gathering the light and minimizing shadows, the round design helps you concentrate on the work without eye strain.


It consumes 70-80% less power than a fluorescent light and it contains no mercury or harmful substances to human body. LED has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours. (Used 5 hours per day, it will last up to 27 years.)


It has 5 different level brightness as well as dimming control system, This makes the best condition for users to select his optimum brightness freely.

It gives a sense of comfort and relaxation with warm yellow gentle light. It also has 5 different level brightness as well as dimming control system.

Users can control operation time by using Timer - 30min or 60min.

It makes it possible to recharge various digital devices such as mobile phones and MP3 players.


It generates the sound of the male mosquito and the dragonfly with ultrasonic sound to repel female mosquitoes.









TB-L270S / 270SM

TB-L270D / L270DT / L270P




Color temperature


Color rendering index

>75(more than 75)

>80(more than 80) / >90


AC : 100~240V(50/60Hz) Rated adapter : DC12V 1.5A

Power consumption

MAX 5.5W

MAX 7.5W


DC 5V/750mA

LED lifetime

more than 50,000hr


150m(Base) x 406mm(L) x 457mm(H)



Operating temperature



CE, KC, ISO9001




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