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A new processed Ginseng-Sun Ginseng
  • Sun Ginseng is a new processed Ginseng successfully developed by The Seoul National
    university College of Pharmacy Ginseng Research team (Professor University Park Man Ki,
    Park Jung Il, Kim Nak Du, Lee Sung Ki ) and Cheil Jedang research team after 6 years
    of research.
  • Sun Ginseng is especially high in content for ginsenoside Rg3, Rg5, Rk1 and has exceptional
    strong efficacy.
  • Sun Ginseng has its product patent and manufacturing process patent applied worldwide.

Ingredients of the Sun Ginseng

  • Sun Ginseng is a product which processes the Ginseng with a special method and increases the content of the peculiar ingredients of the red Ginseng significantly.
    For example, in a Sun Ginseng, the content of Rg3, Rg5, Rk1 which is slightly included in the red Ginseng is 60 times the red Ginseng.
    Also, in a Sun Ginseng, ingredients such as ginsenoside Rk2, Rk3, Rs4, Rs5, Rs6, Rs7 are included.
    These ingredients are new materials which has been separated by the research team of Ginseng Science Inc. for the first time in the world.
    Especially, as the Sun Ginseng is produced without using any chemical products, it is very safe and has no problem taking it.

picture : structure of the peculiar ingredients of sun ginseng

picture : chromatogram which analyzed the ingredients of Sun Ginseng using HPLC

The main ingredients of Sun Ginseng are ginsenoside Rg3, Rg5, Rk1 and they are not included in undried Ginseng or white Ginseng. These ingredients have very strong efficacy.

The significance of the Development of "Sun Ginseng"

  • According to the research results as of now, Sun Ginseng is found to have very strong medicinal effects compared to the current Ginseng. Therefore, through continuous research on efficacy and ingredients, we are planning to develop Ginseng medicines as of following.

The usage of Sun Ginseng

  • Prevents cancer and develops treatments for cancer development of preventive and treatment drug of cancer.

    Sun Ginseng has been found to have Antioxidant activity, cancer prevention effect, Anticancer activity and inducing apoptosis of cancer cell. This means Sun Ginseng blocks cancer from the initial level of origination to the final level of growth. Using such attributes of the Sun Ginseng, we are planning to develop new cancer treatments, protectors and treatment aids Especially in China, they have developed one of the main ingredients of Sun Ginseng, ginsenoside Rg3 into a anticancer treatment and has appointed it as the China's advanced technology industrialization exhibition process. We are planning to develop a more powerful anticancer treatment than Rg3.

  • Prevents circulatory organ illness and develops treatments (high blood pressure, artery hardening )

    Sun Ginseng has a powerful vasodilator effect. Therefore, if you use this, it is expected to prevent development of preventive and treatment of circulatory diseases and treatments of various adult diseases such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, stroke of paralysis. Such efficacy of Sun Ginseng seems to have close relations to sexual function. It is because the extension of the peripheral is directly linked with the erection ability of men.

  • Prevents aging, fatigue reliever

    Ginseng is a herb medicine which is used broadly as a tonic in oriental medicine. As Sun Ginseng has strong antioxidant activity compared to the current Ginseng, we are to develop fatigue reliever, aging preventing treatment and tonic.

  • Kidney protector

    Through an animal experiment, Sun Ginseng has been known to restore a damaged kidney due to anticancer treatment. This means that not only Sun Ginseng reduces the side-effects of anticancer it can also be used as a kidney protector. We are planning to develop a kidney protector using the Sun Ginseng.

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