Welder's skin care cream, protection from IU

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 IU protect solution cream for welders. 





Protection from Infrared & Ultra violet radiation during welding 



IR and UV radiation hazards can be found in many industries and most companies Occupational Health and


Safety ( OHS ) programs do not take this into account and this has led to many cases of Skin Cancer and


Damage to ones Vision.  







Although there remain many unanswered questions regarding arc welding and skin cancer risk, certain principles  


should be considered in managing patients with skin cancer: 




• When patients with skin cancer deny a significant history of sun exposure, arc welding should be  


considered as a possible cause. 


• Welders should be advised about skin protection (using a combination of appropriate clothing and IR and  


UV  protection cream when welding.





• Some readily available IR and UV protection creams have broad-spectrum coverage that includes the full  


range of Infrared and Ultra Violet Radiation. 




• Workers welding aluminium should be advised that they are at greatest risk of exposure to artificial Infrared  


and Ultra Violet Radiation and need heavy protection. 





• Observing part-time welders who do not adequately protect themselves. 




• Also needs for special skin care cream in outdoor activities 




• IU solution cream is not only for IR and UV ray also can use outdoor activities 




• the needs for skin protection cream from skin aging caused by IR & UV rays, strong wind, salinity, 


• harmful polluted substance. 





 IU Protect solution cream can use  




• Welding and Engineering

• Construction

• Open Cast Mining

• Airport Runway Workers

• Muncipal Outdoor Workers

• Printing Industry






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  • IU protect solution skin care cream

  • IU protect solution skin care cream

  • IU protect solution skin care cream

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