Sterilization Tok! (Sterilization Tap!)

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Sterilization Tok! (Sterilization Tap!)

It is sterilizing product which can make environment clean and get rid of bad smell caused by saprogenic bacteria safely. It prevents harmful bacteria from growing in life environment.


  • At first, this stick looks transparent but if you break ampulla and shake the stick it begins to send sterilizing substance.
  • Therefore, harmful germ and virus can be removed within a 2-meter radius.
  • After 5 hours, effect of sterilization works immediately and it is so effective that over 99% of bacteria is sterilized.


  1. It is thin white cylinder in shape and it turns yellow as soon as ampulla is broken.
  2. It has yellowish gas which is called chlorine dioxide and remains yellow for about 30days and it turns white again.
  3. It means that effect of product is no longer effective.
  4. It smells like chlorine while effect lasts for about a month.


  • This product should be set in educational institution for students and kitchen, shoe rack, and a dressing table to get rid of harmful bacteria and odor.
  • We advised customer to put more stick as according to size of room and specific purpose.
  • Its effect last for about 30 days with chlorine dioxide but effect period can be short when it is exposed to high temperature over 40 degrees or strong light.

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