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Creature incubator


This equipment is for controling environmental factor such as temperature, moisture, and illuminance distribution. It is possible to adjust 24hours, 24steps, and 24sets depending on user’s preference. As a results, optimum state for plants to grow.


  • Tissue culture for plants and animals
  • Germiculture, antibiotic, Germination test
  • Thermostat storage of samples
  • Cultivation process field of samples
  • Clinical trials / Medical research field / Constant temperature ripening
  • Physical property test


Creature incubator is equipment for adjusting optimal environment for incubation research on breeding and propagation of plants. It is installed to control environmental elements such as temperature, moisture, illuminance, air volume, and wind pressure etc.
It is possible to control growth and development depending on steps. The refrigerating machine is the main installation to keep temperature properly.
The inside of the growth chamber is specially sprayed by flame retardant SUS to protect from rust proofing. Also it has portable shelves so that the experiments can be completed in a good condition.


  • Double cooling method - high resolution of temperature adjustment in chamber
  • Control devices for temperature setting and stabilization - prevent change in product’s quality
  • Control function of temperature, moisture, illuminance and CO2
  • Ventilation system
  • Favourable temperature adjustable by using digital P.I.D controller (Up/Down Key)
  • Double insulation material
  • External insulation - minimize usage of electricity
  • Flame retardant SUS to protect from rust proofing
  • Double Cycle Cooling method - uniform temperature in chamber
  • Air supply system - air blower is unnecessary (selectable between rotary machine and kneading machine)
  • The resume function of the artificial and natural environment

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