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Dawn 808, despite its looks-like-fake-medicine and immensely dated packaging, is the Godfather of all hangover cure drinks. It claims to be the first ever official hangover cure drink to be patented. The 808 signifies the number of experiments the maker had to go through to find the right formula.


Everything about the Dawn 808 can excludes quality. Maybe it's the guy's face, maybe it's the "Great Grand Prix Award" or how it is usually advertised as extra fine product... It's also made solely with herbs and 100% natural, which might explain why it tastes so bad. But as the Korean saying goes "A good medicine is bitter to the mouth". It is also an international hit and is currently sold in 11 countries worldwide. 808 is the number of experiences the inventor unsuccessfully conducted before finding the right formula. You have to give it up to a guy that can get drunk 808 times just for the good of mankind.

Of course, this drink won’t alleviate hangover symptoms if you went all the way to 4-cha (4th alchol party) and drank down the house – heck, no commercial drink would ever cure a hangover of that proportion – but if you’re feeling just a bit queasy in the morning and can’t seem to really eat anything, it’s efficient enough. You can also drink it before consuming alcohol to prevent severe hangovers. 
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