4Design Software for Textile Fabric Rendering

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4Design Software Co., Ltd is a high-tech software company specialized in decoration industry software and has many years' experience in decoration industry and image technology. It was established in 1998, located in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. 4Design Software is mainly designed for home decor fabrics industry such as wallpaper, diatom mud, curtain, floor, tile, carpet, glass, wall paint, wooden door, home furnishing etc. Manufacturer and distributor can use this software to show intuitive effect of their products to customers and generating effect pictures in minutes.




Software Introduction:


4Design Software is designed for decoration material manufacturers, distributors and retailers to display their products to customers. The Software can be used in many industries such as wall paper, curtain, mosaic tiles, floor, carpet, paint, furniture, window and door, integrated ceiling etc. It's easy to use and can provide intuitive rendering effect pictures for customers in minutes.



Intuitive decoration effect show;

More than 250 template rooms of different styles available;

Easily add template rooms with photos;

Easily DIY template room;

Easy self-materials add and replacement;

Easy operation with mouse;

Demo video provided;

Auto-upgrade online;

Multiple language versions are available.


Function Modules:

Wallpaper rendering

Use the software to upload and modify wallpapers and put them on the wall to see the intuitive decoration effect in seconds. Customers can choose different colors and styles for different wallpapers according to different requirement.

Curtain design and rendering

Easily upload different curtains pictures and modify their fabrics and styles with mouse. Put them on the windows to see the intuitive effect. Customers can also DIY each parts of curtain with different fabrics, colors and styles according to their demand.

Tile design and rendering

Put different tiles on the ground to see the intuitive paving effect in seconds. Self-design is available to define the size, color and paving styles of the tile. All materials can be uploaded and applied to the tile design.

Mosaic design and paving

4Design Software can be used for mosaic design. It can transfer pictures into mosaic and calculate the use amount of the mosaic particles according to the wall size. You can also design the mosaic with your own mosaic materials. This is a great help for mosaic suppliers.

Mosaic design function can quickly complete the puzzle mosaic art design, mosaic blending, gradient design for swimming pool, discos bars and clubs and other large mosaic puzzle design projects. Paving function is used to design different paving styles and see the intuitive effect in different places.

Ceiling Design

Design unique integrated ceiling with mass material. Customers can also decorate the ceiling with different accessories such as lighting and plaster line. 

Diatom Ooze and Emulsion Paint Rendering

Diatom ooze is important interior decoration paint for its function of the elimination of formaldehyde, air purification, humidity control, the release of negative oxygen ions, fire retardant, self-cleaning walls, sterilization and so on. Because of its environmental health, diatom ooze is a new generation of interior decoration materials that replace traditional wallpaper and paint.

Use the software to see the whole paving effect of emulsion paint and diatom mud. Customers can add paint with different textures to the software and adjust the color by themselves. Pave the diatom mud and emulsion paint to the wall to see the effect.

Floor Design

Floor design software will allow customers uploading their favorite floor and paving the floor on the ground to see the effect. Customers can control the size, color, paving direction and splicing of the floor. The software can also calculate the amount of used floor.

Carpet Design and Covering

Customers can use this software to design their favorite carpets such as square carpet, braided rugs, round rugs, kitchen rugs and hallway carpets. The color, size, covering position and direction can be controlled according to customers' like.

Furniture Display

Place the furniture such as bed, chair, sofa and desk in your room in different angle to see the effect. Customers can also use this software to test different collocation of furniture to determine which furniture to buy.

Mural Display

Use the software to upload your favorite murals and put them on the wall to see the intuitive effect in seconds. Customers can control the size and position of the mural to make the best visual effects.

Door and Window Design

Let customers design their own door and window styles. They can choose different materials, color and style of door and window to match the floor, wallpaper, ceiling and the furniture.

Background Wall Design

Let customers decorate their home with hard or soft wall tiles. Customers can choose the angle, position, size and color of the wall tiles to decorate the wall.





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  • 4Design Software for Textile Fabric Rendering

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