HERBDAY_Feminine Hygiene Products

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HERBDAY_Feminine Hygiene Products

Herb day that makes customer’s happiness together
Completes with the most thorough disinfection
Disinfects two surfaces with high-pressure cold- dry method

- Maintains excellent model
Does not break or agglomerate by ventilating to the bottom without changing the model
- Downy and refreshing
A function that is downy and refreshing, prevents itching and removes strange smell
- Enhances absorption power
The material is good, light and soft, it doesn’t leak because of strong absorption power
- Prevent flowing down
Makes as a wing type on the both side with a strong absorbent cotton to prevent flowing down

Herbday 6 layers structure

  1. Clean and sanitary cover, rapid absorption pad (natural material cover, including 4 kinds of extract)
  2. Prevents menstrual blood leaking (A paper cover to prevent menstrual blood leaking)
  3. High-speed absorption pad (Polymer liquid absorbent)
  4. A strong cover that prevents menstrual blood leaking (a paper cover to prevent menstrual blood from ooze)
  5. Breathing lower cover ( pleasant and hygienic sense by enhancing ventilation)
  6. A powerful adhesive cover (A super glue to secure to the underwear safely)

* Protects women's health
Produces by purifying various pure herb natural plants selected by Traditional Chinese medicine theory on the disease found during menstruation.
Has a preventing and improving effect for women’s disease through test and verification:

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  • HERBDAY_Feminine Hygiene Products

  • HERBDAY_Feminine Hygiene Products

  • HERBDAY_Feminine Hygiene Products

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