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  • MaterialGalvanic Ion &Vibration
  • Size41.0 * 37.0 * 173.0 mm
  • Weight70 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T

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  • South Korea South Korea

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You will experience a beauty just by investing 16minutes of your time a day. 


1. Essential 4 step skin care system consists of cleansing, massage, nourishing and
    lifting processes
and each step requires 4minutes, a total of 16minutes.

2. It helps absorb and deliver beneficial ingredients of a functional skin care product by providing galvanic ion nutrient and applying the most appropriate galvanic ion.

3. A vibrating skin care machine contributes to enhacing skin elasticity with its unique vibration fuction.

4. It makes massage more convenient due to charging by USB charge.


Skin care Steps


1. Cleansing : Anions remove dead skin cells and sebum.

      Apply a large amount of cleansing crea, set the device to 1 depending on
      the skin condition and then gently massage. After 4minutes, the signal
      goes off.


 2. Massage : Anions and cations alternately function to improve skin elasticity and 

              provide skin regenration.  

                       Set the device to 2, apply a massage cream or lotion, move it gently from
                       down to up, from the inside toward the outside.


3. Nourishing : Move the device gently from the inside toward the outside using an
                         essence or a nourishing cream.

                         Galvanic ion helps the active ingredients of a skin care product absorb
                         into the skin, leaving the skin smooth and radiant.


4. Lifiting : Apply a lotion, moisturizing cream and repair cream as the last step. 

                   It enhaces skin elasticity when using from the inside toward ourside on the









 Power consumption


 Battery Voltage

 DC 3.6V / 750mA 

 Adaptor Input


 Adaptor Output







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