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Oganic is natural skin care products based on moisturizing with quality ingredients.


Oganic is natural skin care products based on moisturizing with quality ingredients.

For other natural products may get rid of artificial ingredients by combining only natural ingredients,

however it leads to excess oils and inefficient and uncomfortable use.

Oganic is completion by long-term knowhow by one of the most organic multi-brand Organicstory

which specialized of natural organic products. It removed all artificial ingredients and developed

functions by helping hydration balancing plus vibrant and regeneration.

Oganic fulfill the satisfaction of people who prefer the pursuit of nature beauty without any harmful substances.


100% nature plants extracts

All ingredients are purely extracted from plants, none of animal extracts refer to LOHAS

(Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability) which restricted use of harmful ingredients to animal.


Limited production

The expiration duration is only 2 years from preparation because it uses natural preservatives system instead

of artificial ones. Therefore, according to shorter expiration dates becomes limited production and not selling products

near expiration dates.


No animal experimentation

We do not experiment on any animals.


Glass case

Not only try to make case in glass rather than plastic case which is aware of endocrine disrupter,

but also exaggerated packaging.


Disclosure of all ingredients

It is one of the most important right for people to know the ingredients used in products.

Surely Oganic disclosed all ingredients.


Reduce skin care line

Refer to a report, Korean women are often to use skin care products twice more than other country.

Oganic offers people to find minimized, but truly essential lines to get rid of needless steps.


Do not be cheated by high price products with cheap production cost

Take a critical thinking before buy an expensive product if it should be good because of price or it really worth and suits you.

It may be expensive because of high marketing costs rather than ingredients used.

“Oganic will only be chosen as good quality ingredients.”


1) Botanical Papaya Enzyme Foaming Cleanser

* Enzyme cleanser!!

Deep cleansing effectively removes under pores with natural enzymes

* Dead skin cells and pores cleansing

Bubble bubble deep cleansing with Papaya enzyme~

* Regulate over-productive oil glands

Deep cleanse inner and outer skin with tiny foam of natural ingredients without any harsh surfactants.

* Moisturizing

Extracts from chestnuts peel keeps hydration of skin after cleansing

* Skin trouble

Calm and soothe the skin trouble with salix alba willow bark extract


2) Botanical Aqua Essence Tonic

* Damask rose water 80% base -- Alcohol free, no water added pore care essence. Tonic effective to regulating skin surface!

* Hydration -- hyaluronic acid and damask rose provide extra. Hydration removed by cleansing.

* Regulating skin surface -- Fresh, mild natural toner free from trouble

* Pores care -- Soften and smaller pore care with hydrolyzed Collagen

* Calm skin -- Balance with herb extracts


3) Face Up Clear-Tox Peptide Eye Filler

* Effectiveness of wrinkle care, whitening approved by KDFA!

* Oily skin cannot use functional property cosmetics? Face up clear-tox peptide eye filler contains plenty of nutrition and water.

   Even perfect effectives to problem, sensitive skin

* Wrinkle care. Aging tracks wrinkle, Helps to remove thick, even thin wrinkles with peptide to renewal elastic skin cells.

* Functional property cosmetics are all made of chemicals? Experience the perfect combination of functional and natural ingredients

* Cooling, dark eye circles care. Getting dark eye circle when you are tired? The mixture of arbutin and aloe-vera will calm and

whitening around eyes


4) Cell Green Energy All repairing Serum

Unique serum to repair the skin age

Suitable for any skin problem by caring each tiny cell with

natural ingredients which authorized effects and safety by KDFA.

Water base 95% or more!!

Maximum 5 times of hyaluronic acid!!

* Relieving flush, First step of moisturizing and relieve flush with best rose breed damask

* Whitening. Whitening with arbutin

* Elastic/ minimize pores. Adenosine, EGF will suffer more elastic and minimize pores with botanical collagen

* Moisturizing. Create Oil layer to prevent evaporation of water with argan oil


5) Botanical Super Aqua Emulsion

* Aqua emulsion for dry skin. Special Moisturizing effect. Effective long lasting moisturizing lotion with special aloe extracts

* Maintain oil and water balance. Supply water into skin with natural elements and more than 6000 times quality hyaluronic acid remain skin fresh but not sticky even to problem skin

* Long lasting. Keep skin for long with light, mild natural plants oil layer to cover up after wash with all repairing serum


6) Face Up Rosehip Perfect Solution Cream

Get rid of all mature problems! Restoring elasticity. Brighter skin with arbutin and elastic effect with peptide and natural plants oil.

* Brightening. Solution cream to mature skin formulated by regenerating. EGF and plants ingredients

* Catalyst to absorb collagen. Soften, pliable skin through sticky contact by easy use

* Enough nutrition of oil and water. Lack of oil and dry skin to silky, soft with natural oil and green tea extracts calms sensitive skin


7) Natural Perfect Sun Powder Misture Finish

Approved and independently tested for effectiveness by KFDA SPF21/PA+++

Oganic sun powder is made up 100% of physical sunscreen ingredients and natural with artificial chemical free product.


8) AC Nature Perfect Trouble Spot

Fast remove skin troubles by natural sources

* Regulate troubles by excess oil and over-productive sebaceous glands. Caring troubles with aloe, sunflower seed oil etc

* Over-productive sebaceous glands control. Excessive sebaceous or stress, cosmetic troubles can be cured immediately

* Removes perspiration and pollution. Clean and remove blocked polluted perspiration in pores


9) Oriental Therapy Saengmodan Shampoo

New grown hair. Traditional oriental material care to restore and strengthen weak, easily losing hair.

* Natural cleanse & nourish. Helps to detangle the hair by formulated natural surfactants to remove pollution and control sebaceous and luster hair.

* Relieve stress of scalp. Cleansing over scalp with sesame oil helps blood flow and to relieve stressed hair resulting from build-up of dead, weakened surface cells

* Scalp & hair solution. Plenty of traditional oriental extracts gently motivate to scalp and hair.



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