WHITE LABS teeth whitening system

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  • Materialhydrogen peroxide(35%solution)
  • Size150.0 * 128.0 * 90.0 mm
  • Weight460 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T
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  • South Korea South Korea

BS and CO

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[Company Introduction]


Youth and Beauty cannot last forever.

However, as health care, many differences can be expressed by individuals through managements and efforts.

BS and Co. Ltd is a company that develops medical devices which help self-management of youth and beauty in an effective, safe, and economical way.

We will move along with our customers through rightness and



[Company Vision]

BS and Co. Ltd is a company established in 2012. We develop and manufacture medical devices based on LED technology which enable self-management of

youth and beauty in an effective, safe, and economical way.

We have luanched a teeth whitening device (WHITE LABS) and will launch a visibel light irradiator for wrinkle care (SKIN LABS) as soon as clinical trials are completed. 

We are expecting to open up a new horizon in the beauty care market by developing medical devices trough advanced LED technology and chemical technology. 

[Buisiness Area]

- Oral Care (Teeth Whitening)

- Beauty Care (Anti-Aging) 




- 2012.11 Establishment of company

- 2013.11 Development completion of Skin labs

- 2014.09 Development completion of White labs

- 2015.07 Domestic launch of White labs

- 2015.11 Acquisition of Venture Business Certification

- 2016.04 U.S. FDA Registration 

- 2016.05 Acquisition of GMP certification

- 2017.03 Participation in International Dental Show (IDS) in Germany 


 [Main Product]


"The best choice for bright and white teeth."

WHITE LABS is a dental whitening device for both medical and home use.


Are you worried about teeth turning yellow due to a aging and lifestyle of smoking, coffee, wine and cola? If you dream of recovering bright white teeth and changing your image to be healthy and clean, get together with WHITE LABS.











Our safe combination of dental teeth whitening principles, based on LED technology, and our own whitening agent will result in a clinically proven 7.4 shades of whiter teeth with no side effects.

Safety is guaranteed with less than 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide.




The mouthpiece is detachable and easy to clean, and the whitening agent can be purchased separately. These unique features make our device not only hygienic, but also usable by more than one person which makes it economic.




WHITE LABS has a one-button system ‒ just press down the power button for 2 seconds and after 8 minutes it will automatically turn off.  It is small, lightweight and portable. 

 The light guard can be detached from the main body, making our device very easy to keep.


* Approved by USA FDA

* Certified as second-grade medical device by Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety .



* Proven whitening effect & safety through clinical tests.


WHITE LABS has been proven to have whitening effect and be safe through clinical tests by Dankook University Dental Hospital.



[How to Store & Care]


1) Make sure to pull out power cord after use.

2) Be careful not to keep device near wet place and fire arms.

3) Be careful to keep it out of reach of children and in dry place.

4) Be careful not to lose parts, including adapter.

5) Do not touch power region of parts with wet hand.

6) Wipe surface of main body slightly with soft cloth.

7) Keep in places not influenced by air, etc. including atmospheric, wind, sunlight and salt.

8) Do not keep in places such as chemical warehouse or place generating gas.

9) When moving, whiten teeth with power being off.

10) Before storing mouthpiece, detach from light guard and clean with water.





1) Use it according to medical doctor’s prescription and guide.

2) This product was permitted as a device irradiating visible ray of  light for the purpose  of tooth whitening, so mark, 

    description and advertisement which might lead to false, exaggeration and abuse are prohibited.

3) Be sure to confirm warning and instruction (how to operate) before using this product.

4) Do not stare directly at LED light.

5) Do not use for children

6) In case of person with face lift, use this product after consulting skin doctor.

7) Do not point LED light directly to person’s eyes.

8) Keep it out of reach of children.

9) Do not use it together with anesthetic gas or combustibles.

10) Let only an authorized person repair it.

11) Following person must use after doctor’s prescription and guide:

 -  Person with disease.

 -  Children, pregnant women and infants.

 -  Person using implantable electronic medical device.

 -  Person having malignant tumor.

 -  Person with problems in the region where this device is used.

 (1) Person wearing implantable electronic medical device such as pace-maker.

 (2) Person using electrical life support equipment such as a heart- lung machine.

 (3) Person using mounting electronic medical device including electrocardiograph.

 (4) Patient with high fever.




Q) How often should I use it?

A) 2 consecutive cycles a day, for 15 days. If whitening effect is not satisfactory, or if you want whiter teethm use it for more than 15 days.


Q) How much should I use it to be effective in whitening teeth?

A) It depends upon the teeth and the effect begins to appear after about 10 days of use. Take a photo of teeth in order to measure the effect exactly.


Q) Is it effective for everyone?

A) With exceptions to special cases, anyone can experience whitening effect, even in cases of hereditary teeth discoloration.


Q) How bright is the whitening effect?

A) A tooth's brightness is devided into 16 stages and it is judged that there is a whitening effect if teeth get brighter above 3~4 stages. 

WHITE LABS has been clinically proven to have a whitening effect of 7.4 stages on average.


Q) What about 'cold tooth?'

A) WHITE LABS has been proven to have no 'coldness of teeth' by University hostpital's clinical tests. However, those who have weak gum or high 

snesitivity may feel a little of coldness. WHITE LABS is safe becuase it does not damage tooth or gum.


Q) I am receiving dental treatment. Can I use it?

A) WHITE LABS is much more effective after scailing. If you are treating decayed teeth or gum disease, use this product after treatment. 


Q) Can the whole family use it?

A) WHITE LABS is designed to be used by many people. Additional whitening agents and mouthpieces can be purchased separately on our on-line store.       


[Contact Information]


BS and Co. Ltd

#309, 27, Seongsui-ro 7-gil, Seongdong-gu,

Seoul, 04780, Rep. of KOREA

Tel: +82 2 6010 0390

Fax: +82 2 6010 0391










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