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The color of the gurum(cloud) on the tea cover changes to white by hot vapor when it is placed on a cup of hot tea. The color returns to the original one as the tea in the cup is being cooled down.

This tea cup offers users visual fun and pleasure as the gurum(cloud) color changes while enjoying the tea time.  



Do you remember a day when you thought you could do anything in any place like a gurum(cloud) floating lightly in a blue sky – a perfect day for a picnic?

Then, relax for a while. Cherish the thoughts you had at that time.

We want to offer you tea time for healing from your hectic daily life.

gray-Black gurum(cloud) cup cover for enjoying tea time with the sound of rain 

blue-Indigo gurum(cloud) cup cover for leisurely enjoying tea time by yourself under a blue sky 

Six in the evening, sunset gurum(cloud) cup cover for enjoying tea time while basking in warm sunshine





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  • ---gurum- - cloud cup cover

  • ---gurum- - cloud cup cover

  • ---gurum- - cloud cup cover

  • ---gurum- - cloud cup cover

  • ---gurum- - cloud cup cover

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