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Easy Power Grip


Golf is a sport which grip takes part in it by 70%.
If you hold the grip correctly, you can make swing and impact ,increasing your driving distance. but when you address and pose made by square , it frequently occurs for the grip to askew slightly in downswing after backswing process and your direction and driving distance become worse because of not square impacting.
Therefore , to solve this problem, our item is what players can hold the grip easily , making correct impact and power by install silicon artificial plastic on the grip without removing the original grip


The point of our technology is to install the "Easy power grip" made by silicon rub material , doubling the grip effect.
In detail, V groove of the upper two things and the lower one thing lines up fingers position, maintaining the square direction and golf stick steadily. In addressing , when you install the Easy power grip , it is the major key point anybody can install using the assistant system.



  1. Using by inserting on the grip the original golf stick without removing it
  2. Anybody can insert . In case of the existing grip , only the expert can change it
  3. synergy visual effect installing on the golf stick
  4. You can use it without gloves
  5. Though the hands get sweat , it doesn't askew so the synergy impact effect goes up


  1. suitable for men & women poor at driving distance or power.
  2. swing correction effect for the golfers poor at backswing pose.
  3. .making the exact impact zone for the golfers whose impact zones are scattered
  4. suitable for the golfers who feel difficult at strength subtraction
  5. maintaining steady grip pose at all times for the golfers who want text grip pose.



  1. general increase of the driving distance
  2. In addressing, formation of everyday impact zone by maintaining head square condition correctly
  3. In downswing ,head speed increase and power reinforcement by finger shoulder construction
  4. correction of the swing pose by the accurate backswing track formation.
  5. In backswing. increase of the impact pose by natural cocking. In golf swing,

* grip is really important part by 70%
A golfer who holds accurate grip is already a pro golfer.
Even if your are a golf beginner , you'll feel easy at golf with the Easy power.

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  • Easy Power Grip

  • Easy Power Grip

  • Easy Power Grip

  • Easy Power Grip

  • Easy Power Grip

  • Easy Power Grip

  • Easy Power Grip

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