Anti Rust Lubricant RX3 (360ml)

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  • MaterialLanolin-Based
  • Size65.0 * 185.0 * 65.0 mm
  • Weight79 g
  • Payment TermsT/T


  • South Korea South Korea


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Product Detail Information

[Product Description]

RX3 as a permeable lubricant, is used to prevent corrosion (rust). 
Lanolin products components are used as well as the introduction are bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, power plants, etc.. 
RX3 is specially processed natural positive breast (Wool wax) and and as a national patent composite material produced by refining petroleum and drug screening, offers corrosion protection, coatings penetrate the formation and water removal effect. 
Effective sustainability excellent RX3 does not contain solvents, dry quickly without any penetration to the inside of the metal helps prevent corrosion from the atmosphere of nature and industry. 
The normal liver damage that can occur using nuts, bolts, shafts and If the corrosion is severe or frozen parts as you can use to restore the original function RX3. 
Transparent pale yellow liquid with a non-toxic product used mid-term corrosion-proof electrical contact parts used in ordinary homes Greece substitute, substitute release agents, anti-condensation, wax substitutes Multi-purpose lubricant coating permeability gradually penetrate into the modified yaw as a rust removal, figures shout, chemical resistance, salt water, no impact on film coating paint surface has no effect on the majority of synthetic rubber for more than two years indoors, outdoors for more than one year (sealed where the coating provides a permanent force when applicable)

[Product Applications]

The main raw material has been prepared based on the natural lanolin, usually in the oil refining provide superior rust protection and lubrication capabilities than any product being sold and also used for the purpose of removing the rust excellent permeability. Machinery, agricultural machinery, medical equipment rides, paper, gas, refrigeration equipment, precision, electronics, electricity, communication parts, bolts, valves, pipe fittings, LM guides, pipes, bearings, underwater motors, conveyors, elevators, where are stuck motionless. General iron, cast parts, magnesium parts, die casting parts, brass, for all metals, leather and wood, regardless of the material, such as aluminum parts (except in 100% natural rubber)

[How to Use]

Rub with a dry cloth and then melted using a common phenomenon after the bubble completely stopped. 
Severe Primary melted coating is applied after 3 days and get a second surface coated with a dry cloth and rub again, please 
use approximately twice the same way. you can check that improvement.


Flammable contents are very high and it is stored compressed, Do not puncture or incinerate container kept in the 120 ℉ (48.8 ℃) or more locations. Keep the flame does not have exposed 100% natural, do not use, do not use the rubber ... inside the tank to be used as drinking water. Should be kept out of the reach of children.

Lanolin-based Eco-purpose anti-rust lubricant (Korea Patent No. 10-1266386)

- Rust preventives
- Anti-rust and Removing rust
- Anti-corrosive
- Lubrication
- Coating Effects
- No Solvents
- Hazardous substances  : Not detected

[Product Specification]

Secifications : 65 * 180 * 65 mm, 360ml, 79g (Aerosol)
Packaging : 1BOX (360ml*20EA) 



Prices FOB : Negotiations (Busan)

Payment Terms : 1. The first one T/T  2. Since the second : L/C

Handling Time : Shipping will begin within 15 days

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) : 1Pallet( 1,540ea, 77Box)

Specified delivery date from the Date of Order  

If you have more than 10,000ea M.O.Q price negotiations.




Product Detail Image
  • Anti Rust _ Lubricant RX3 _360ml_

  • Anti Rust _ Lubricant RX3 _360ml_

  • Anti Rust _ Lubricant RX3 _360ml_

  • Anti Rust _ Lubricant RX3 _360ml_

  • Anti Rust _ Lubricant RX3 _360ml_

  • Anti Rust _ Lubricant RX3 _360ml_

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