PDO Cannula Cog

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  • MaterialPDO thread, Blunt Needle
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  • South Korea South Korea


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PDO Cannula Cog

360 Degree PDO Cannula Cog
Stronger Lifting and fixation effect




│ Description │

Needle: 19G 100mm Thread 1-0, 150mm (W-type Blunt Needle)
Needle: 21G 90mm Thread 2-0, 130mm (L-type Blunt Needle)
Needle: 21G 60mm Thread 2-0, 100mm (L-type Blunt Needle)

 Blunt Needle
 * Package : 20pcs/pack, 100pcs/box

│ Function │

PDO Cannula cog is Safer and more hygienic surgery through blunt needle
The Blunt needle of cannula cog made by ORIENT NECON all went through special processes that cleared all residuum on both inside and outside surface of needle; it makes the surface of needle smoother so that the surgery can be safer and more hygienic.

│ Specification │

* PDO Cannula cog is Bidirectional cog thread & blunt needle.
* Cogs are 360° Screwed on PDO thread
* PDO Cannula cog is Less bleeding, swelling and pain after surgery.
* PDO Cannula cog has Dramatical lifting effect for SMAS & deep fat layer.
* PDO Cannula cog has Powerful tightening effect.


│ Certification │



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  • PDO Cannula Cog

  • PDO Cannula Cog

  • PDO Cannula Cog

  • PDO Cannula Cog

  • Cannula Cog

  • Cannula Cog

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