Amie-sⅡ Ample

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Les Beaux Amie

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Amie-sⅡ Ample


 Natural ingredients are extracted from plants does not cause skin irritation on sensitive skin.
Moisture to help improve it contains 11 kinds of natural ingredients for use in the getter.
Immediate improvement in skin elasticity and wrinkle effect.
One of the best interests of women helps to improve skin wrinkles.
More youthful skin, which can feel.
Amie-sⅡ ample is using a high-quality self-developed natural ingredients extract, peptides and natural extracts passed through the filtration process is Dual functionality (whitening and anti-wrinkle) cosmetics.


 Using the has been developed extract (peptides) in Lesbeauxamie, the high quality cosmetics (double functionalality) being developed.
Lesbeauxamie is changing benefit from the nature to true women’s beauty.


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