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Oil Cut Cleansing  



Acsen oil cut cleansing is targeted for the acne and sensitive skin. It is very difficult to make this cleanser because we have to take care of sensitive skin and oily skin at the same time. When acne and sensitive skin use wrong cleanser, the customer may face worsening of the skin disorder. (excessive production of sebum, skin getting more sensitive, higher tendency of having skin inflammation)  


Cleansing without oil. Oil Cut.

This is cleansing which has 0% of oil. (Most of the cleanser has oil ingredient to remove oil dirt).


       Oil Free, clear gel type, water wash off type

       Natural surfactant soapwort extract gives, perfection in cleansing acne and    sensitive skin. Good cleansing effect but yet not making skin sensitive or dry after cleansing

       Papaya extract removes extra keratin

       Lotus extract gives moisturizing and soothing effect

       Micro-emulsion System gives perfect comfort to the skin which does not create skin irritation


Main Ingredient

       Papaya Extract : Reducing excessive keratin, anti-inflammatory

       Portulaca oleracea L : Strong Moisturizer, minimizing skin trouble

       Aloevera extract: Moisturizing and calming effect 



Main Ingredient in Acsen line

Selemix An (Specially formulated for Acne)

Formulation between the Selenium + Magnolia bark extract


Selemix An


In the Selemix-an ingredient , fermented bean and magnolol tree bark extract there is a secret force hidden behind the plant energy.

Fermented bean recovers the damaged skin carrier and give protection from external damage. Magnonol Tree bark extract has effect in killing the acne bacteria in inside the skin.


-       Neutralize free radical (2000 times more than Vitamin E)

-       Antioxidant

-       Skin, Cell protection (from UV ray, Radiation)

-       Anti-inflammatory, eczema, Acne skin


Magnolia bark extract

-       Jeju magnolia bark extract only for treating acne skin

-       Minimize acne bacteria growth

-       Release inflammation of the acne bacteria


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  • Oil Cut Cleansing

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