2015 Korean Ultrasonic atomizing humidifier

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  • MaterialABS
  • Size11.0 * 9.5 * 11.0 cm
  • Weight220 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T,Western Union,Others
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2:  More spcs:

This humidifier is hot sale for export now, more feature please check below:

1) warm night light: built-in LED lamp products, a soft light;

2) hidden switch: click the top decoration cover can control the power on and off;

3) ultra quiet design: buy low noise motor;

4,)the principle of gasification humidification, humidification: no water, no "white", not the wetland.

5) low cost: only the use of tap water, such as fresh air with distilled water, the effect will be better;

6) energy saving: low power consumption, power 1W, safe and reliable;

7) space: the placement is convenient, the size of the size of apple;

8) use: suitable for wide computer (USB equipment), office, living room, bedroom, kitchen,bathroom etc.;

6 Main function:

1)Net: the air suspended particles, dust, toxic substances to purify the purpose of settlement;

2)Negative ion: improve sleep, reduce blood pressure, improve and increase the lung function;

3)Fragrant: water drops from 3 to 4 drops of essential oil or perfume, fragrance, refreshing,fresh air sterilization;

4)Sterilization: in the water drops into the fungicide or vinegar, clean air, help to prevent infectious disease;

5)The mosquito insecticide: in the water drops into the insect and mosquito control agent, can effectively expel or kill mosquitoes;

6)Humidity: gasification humidification, no water, no "white", not the wetland.

Warranty: 1 year


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  • korean air humidifier for desktop boll shape Ultrasonic atomizing humidifier

  • korean air humidifier for desktop boll shape Ultrasonic atomizing humidifier

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