Espesso plus - Hair color treatment

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  • Size88.5 * 121.0 * 88.5 mm
  • Weight390 g
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 Espesso plus - Hair color treatment  

│ Description │

We have an array of hair needs, from taming frizz to volumizing thin hair, and have tried nearly every product under the sun to get hair soft and shiny. With so many different treatments out there, we've designed the product all of treatment functions with coloring and restructuring functions which livens up your color in just 2 minutes.
These are major differences between general characteristics hair treatment and our new product.

It performs three actions:
It restructures the hair + It lends shine + It colors in 2minutes (without Ammonia free • Hydrogen peroxide free • Paraben free)

If the product contacts your scalp or skin, you can wipe off very easily by rubbing.
You can experience not only is it effective, but it is cost effective as well from our new concept hair treatment.

│ Features │

• 3 in 1
Coloring + Shining + Nourishing
- Only 2min. – coloring concentrate interacts immediately with hair and repairs hair texture at the same time.
- Damaged hair cuticles from a perm or hair dye can be cured and turned to sleek hair.
- Plant protein hydrates, softens, nourishes and untangles hair without weighing down.
- Diamond powder component softens hair and gives a glossy shine to hair.

• PH-Balanced Treatment
Usually other products leave damages on hair. However, its mild and acid-balanced (pH 4.5) formula doesn't damage your hair.

• Ammonia , Hydrogen peroxide Free With Sweet Chocolate Fragrance
No more unpleasant hair dye odor! Sweet chocolate scent will linger on your hair.

• Easy To Wipe Off
If the product contacts your scalp or skin, you can wipe off very easily by rubbing.

│ 10 Effects of ESPESSO PLUS │

1) Improves all kinds of damaged hair
2) Makes rough hair manageable
3) Protects hair from heat
4) Improves hair cuticles
5) Luster effect (angel-ring)
6) Improves in split hair ends
7) Keeps hair color a long time
8) Untangles & Prevents static in hair
9) Protects hair from the sun
10) Volumizing effect

│ Ingredients │

Main ingredients : Gradenia jasminoides extract, Grape skin extract, Hydrolyzed Silk, Diamond powder

editorimg editorimg editorimg
Jewelry component, Diamond Powder
Luxurious hair coloring treatment with Diamond Powder

Especially for dry and damaged hair, it brings moisturizing and shining effects on your hair.
Silk Protein
Silky hair coloring conditioner with silk protein

For hair fiber elasticity,
For hair moisturizing,
For sleek and smooth hair!
Cell Membriane Complex(CMC)-Hair damage prevention effect

- Design CMC reinforcement-hair protein can not be leaked
- The same component as hair comples-positive effects on hair damage
- Prevention of split ends / sebum & moisture balance control

│ Colors │


editorimg editorimg editorimg
It gives an elegant and velvety red wine color to your hair.
Revitalize dry and lifeless hair with fresh orange color treatment.
Transparent silk protein coating protects your hair and dazzles like diamonds on your hair.
editorimg editorimg editorimg
Complete your gorgeous look with the hottest khaki color!
Enjoy the dark chocolate color and its sweet scent!
You’ll be surprised at the rich smooth texture like cappuccino cream.
editorimg editorimg
The combination of Ash and Brown color brings you a classy urban chic style.
Once you try this, you’ll have a dreamy and fascinating violet color on your hair.
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  •  Espesso plus _ Hair color treatment

  •  Espesso plus _ Hair color treatment

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