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LA.SO.LE.Est S.r.l., founded in 1962, is leader in Italy and in Europe in the field of technical wood flours for industries and in the field of wood-shavings for animal breeding. LA.SO.LE.Est produces wood shavings, wood flours, sawdust, animal bedding, wood fibers for different applications: in the tanning industry hard wood flour are used mostly as grease removers and in the finishing process to clean the fur, in the building industry wood flours are used to manufacture ecological products because they reduce the global weight of materials and give them a better insulating power in a natural way. Moreover they are utilized, thanks to particular techniques, in the manufacturing of refractory materials. The high dielectric power of dry wood and the absence of residues at temperatures over 800°C make its use excellent as flour in the mixture for covering welding electrodes. Wood flours are used mostly in the treatment of agricultural and industrial waste waters as precoat in vacuum rotating filters and as structural agent in press filters. Thanks to its insulating, dielectric and mechanical characteristics wood flours are mixed with synthetic rubber in the production of plates for soles, of industrial and civil flooring etc. Wood flours are one of the fundamental components in composite materials made of plastic and wood: WPCs are new products able to substitute wood, fibre panels of medium density and rigid PVC in outdoors and indoors applications. They are obtained either by extrusion or by injection pressing and find their application in the building, furniture and automotive. Furthermore the firm in 2003 has obtained the ISO 9001 certificate for quality.


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