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Product Features

• Inflatable (2 ~ 6kgf/cm2) vibration absorber.
• The natural frequency is 2.5 ~ 9.5Hz, so it demonstrates excellent performance in low vibration and high vibration.
• It is fixing bolts, so mounting on the machine, base plate Non-Slip plate anchoring are not required.
• Consists of rubber (Neoprene) and metal, and it is air-sealed type, so there is no need for a separate connection line, and it can be injected with a tire air injector


Application Scope of the Product

• Impact insulation of large machinery (presses and forging hammers, etc.) with large dynamic load
• Vibration isolation of precision machinery, measuring/test equipment

• Vibration isolation of rotating machines (turbines, air compressors, etc.)
• Vibration isolation of air conditioners and dust trestle


Precautions for Installation

• Operating Temperature range is -10℃ ~ 80℃.
• If the metal and oil acid in high temperature, etc. are used, the cover should be used to protect the product
• Store in a dry place with room temperature.
• Allowable displacement, lateral stability, the position of the center of gravity and resonance and the displacement during operation and stop of facilities should be considered, so these technical considerations should be discussed with our authorized technicians.


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