Paulownia wood blind

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Paulownia wood blind


* Paulovnia wood blind : standard blind
* Antibiotic blind : Stphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Escherichia coil 99.9%Decrease
* Ocher blind : Additional product features and anion antibacterial deodorizing function in blind feature
* Flame Retardant Paulovnia wood blind : The fire does not easily bleed products in fire


Advantage of paulownia wood which is light and inflexible stop parts from being broken. And the natural grain and angle control of our blinds adjust the lighting of the sun, so houses create other moods that are luxury and comfortable.
Functional blind: Anti-bacterial product: the effect to eliminate air-pollutant, such as staphylococcus aureus or colon bacillus.
Red clay’s product: product to add red clay that emits an anion and is strong to electromagnetic waves.


Since 2008, Our company had managed a factory, named the Il-jin Art, that had established in order to produce floors, blinds, timber carpets for interior products that use timber.
On August 2014, our company was converted to a corporation, The Sun Blind.
Since then, we have produced wood blinds using paulownia wood.
Our company to make complete products by painting timbers is unique in our country. In addition, because of using eco-friendly paint, our company is separated from other companies that use chinese paint of low price.
Also, by producing a half dozen varieties of combination blinds from fabric textile manufacturing to complete products, our company is said to completely prepare every interior product required for window.

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