Hydrogen Water Generator ELLAIM

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  • Size75.0 * 300.0 * 135.0 mm
  • Weight2 kg


  • South Korea South Korea


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Hydrogen water generater ELLAIM.  

Hydrogen occurs the neutralization reaction combining with oxygen free radical and changes to the safe water harmless in our body and excretes as urine or sweat. It result in anti-aging. 

1. Simple One Touch Button

2. When pressing the button, the LED lighting turns on and hydrogen begins to occur.

3. Confirmation is Possible for the Hydrogen Bubble

As the water is electrically decomposed, you can see the hydrogen bubble coming up.

4. Occurs abundant Dissolved hydrogen within 3 Minutes

The hydrogen occurring numerical value can show differently following the types of water.

5. Uses the waterbottle of PPSU material for baby nursing bottle.


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  • Hydrogen Water Maker

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