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  • Material Domestic eco-friendy premium pu fabric, eco-friendly unmediated compressed pe foam
  • Size140.0 * 4.0 * 200.0 cm
  • Weight7 kg

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Dual Soonsu
Model Name Dual Soonsu 200
KC Certification B141H138-5001
Size, Weight 1400X2000X40(mm), 6.5~7.5(kg)
Color Vanilla, Mint
Material Premium domestic washed and baked-out PU fabric, High-density pressed eco-friendly unabridged PE foam
Suitable for all ages and weight ranges
Manufacturer Kids On (Brand S)
Made in Korea
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A play mat that embraces the sea and the sky of the Mediterranean for your child~

Keep your child’s play space lighter and brighter with the Mediterranean style Dual Soonsu Mat~

Mint for Child + Vanilla for Mom = Dual Soonsu

Mint color calms child’s mind and cools off eyes.

Vanilla color matches well with a home interior

Human eyes feel comfortable with a light green color as it does not stress eyes and even relieves stress. Make a comfortable space for your child.

 Why KIDS ON? *Honest play mat- Every product of KIDS ON is created with honest Korean materials and sold honestly. 

*Fabric inspection- Every pu fabric of KIDS ON is produced after the inspection. *Uses 100% domestic eco-friendly pu fabric- Uses high-quality domestic eco-friendly fabric
*KIDS ON's noncross-linked compression eco-friendly interior material- Does not create ammonia and is made out of harmless materials even when you put it inside your mouth. Recyclable materials. *Heat seal method-Did not use any adhesive. *100% handmade- Created by hand with painstaking care. *Safe product that you can you with trust. 
-A credible product that received acceptance from domestic outstanding certificate authorities as KC mark, SGS, and TUV certification(certified to export to Europe). 
*Resolved noises through floor- Used eco-friendly compressed pe foam.
Promises of KIDS ON
- One! Toxic substance-free.
Not eco-friendly materials that people talk about, but we used TURE eco-friendly raw materials! 
-Second! Odor-free.
No need to ventilate as soon as you receive the product because there is no uncomfortable smell. 
- Third! No-additive interior material.
We did not add anything to the interior material.(100% eco-friendly material)
Unlike other foams that used chemicals, it is in pure white color. 
* When the surface looks uneven
: KIDS ON product used eco-friendly unmediated pe foam that there is wave pattern on the surface. It is the characteristic of eco-friendly unmediated pe foam. If you continue to use, the surface will flatten out. Free AS term: Free AS for 1 month from the purchasing date for poor needlework, poor stitch, and poor external appearance. Customers need to pay for the round trip shipping and handling charge for A/S(indlucing free A/S term). Can refund or exchange during free A/S term. Cannot exchange or refund after the term. Do not put heavy objects on top.


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