Sodium Hyaluronate Lens

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Sodium Hyaluronate Lens


Ultra Soo lensSodium Hyaluronate Lens

INTEROJO’s innovative engineering team has recently developed a new Sodium hyaluronate Lens

Sodium Hyaluronate is one of the most moisture absorbent molecules. When used in a contact lens, its water-retentive properties result in enhanced moisture retention of the eye’s corneal surface. Ultra Soo is an unconventional Sodium Hyaluronate Lens that acts as a supplement to tears, lubricating, moisturizing and re-hydrating contact lenses, making them comfortable for the user. During the formulating progress before moulding, we add Sodium Hyaluronate with other raw materials including HEMA. This process developed by Interojo is the first original technology in the world. Interojo’s new Sodium Hyaluronate Lens will provide excellent comfort with optimum wetting and all day hydration.

High Definition Lens

The Interojo’s High Definition Lens, unlike other aspheric lens in the market, incorporates the ideal aspheric curvature for each soft lens power and thickness and compensates for aberration caused by lens flexure on the eye. This results in improved visual acuity at all distance, as well as increased depth if field, reduced refractive astigmatism and improved contrast sensitivity, providing crisper, sharper and clearer vision. The Interojo’s High Definition Lens is an excellent choice for low astigmats, early presbyopes and those who wish to improve their overall vision.







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