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Gold Bird’s Nest Hydrogel Eye Patch

│ Description │

Containing 24k gold and swiftlet nest extract (1000mg) having as high nutrients as 200 times of royal jelly, Gold Bird’s Nest Eye Patch brings vitality to skin by helping skin turnover (rejuvenation) and providing moisture and nourishment. The product also improves tired and shaded wrinkles around eye rims, brightens dark circle and brings elasticity to skin. In addition, the product keeps skin beautiful and moisturized by supplying moisture and nourishment to eye rims. Gold Bird’s Nest Hydrogel Eye Patch is a specialized mask pack for skin around dry eye rims designed for convenient skin care at home.

│ Features and efficacies │

1.What is Hydrogel Eye Patch?

Hydrogel eye patch is in jelly type consisting of water as basic ingredient. The marvelous jelly-like texture adheres to skin without leaving a gap. It’s not sticky, differentiating from the ordinary mask sheet packs. Pure gold is contained in the product and you can see fine gold particles from the eye patch. Young and vital skin around eye rims and mouth is brought to you by the essence of hydrogel eye patch that is absorbed deeply into skin after reacting to skin temperature.

With an outstandingly high nutrients and moisture absorption power to skin compared to general sheet packs, skin moisture does not vaporize even after using 30 minutes. You can check the eye patch becoming thinner as time elapses as a result of high concentrate essence ingredient of water soluble eye patch being absorbed into skin. Effective ingredients are more effectively absorbed into skin thanks to strong adhesiveness of hydrogel eye patch that leaves no gap between the patch and skin.

Differentiating from mask pack, eye patch is designed for concentrated care on weak skin around eye rims. It is made of high concentrate hydrogel that has outstanding effects for moisturizing and maintaining skin elasticity. It’s a skin healing gold eye patch that supplies elasticity and moisture to skin where concentrated care is needed. The product is excellent for providing nourishment and concentrated elasticity as well as brightening, radiance and moisturizing to skin.

Gold Bird’s Nest Hydrogel Eye Patch is formulated in a low-irritant and high-concentrated essence containing condensed nutrients. This skin-friendly and low-irritant hydrogel formulation softly covers skin and melts smoothly down into skin, providing rich feeling of moisturizing and cooling. This product is available to use for all types of skin.

Nano biotech high-molecular new technology is applied for this water-soluble hydrogel eye patch. Gold Bird’s Nest Hydrogel Eye Patch is loved by a great many people of the world

2. Features and efficacies of Gold Bird’s Nest Hydrogel Eye Patch
-containing swiftlet nest extract (1000mg) + 24k pure gold –

a) Concentrated moisture care
Gold Bird’s Nest Hydrogel Eye Patch is a concentrated moisture eye patch that supplies vitality and vigor to tired skin as well as protecting and soothing sensitive skin. Containing the extract of swiftlet nest (1000mg), the product brings moistness and cleanliness to skin by increasing moisture content on rough and dry skin coming from insufficient supply of moisture. Also, the product keeps skin healthy by realizing an ideal oil and water balance.

b) What is Swiftlet Nest Extract?
Swiftlet nest is the nest of swift (the Asian genus Collocalia) built in caves or cliffs. It has been known as one of donations for royal palace for cookery during the time of ancient China Swiftlets build their nests for one month using edible seaweeds and their own salvia. Hardened salvia becomes jelly containing anti-oxidants like protein, amino acid and polysaccharide which is effective in promoting skin rejuvenation (activation of skin turnover cycle), strengthening moisture retaining power of skin, supplying nourishment to skin, relaxing stress and providing vitality to skin. Swiftlet nest extract has come down as one of the 4 health food materials in royal palace of ancient China. It has also been used as rich nutritious materials for high class beauty care. There has been a legend of Yang Guifei, one of world’s 3 beauties, who enjoyed swiftlet nest dish in order to maintain her beauty. Empress Dowager Cixi who looked 20 years younger than her age, was also said to have enjoyed swiftlet nest dish to maintain her beauty. Swiftlet nest had long been regarded as a precious donation for royal palace during the time of ancient China. It is still regarded as one of top 3 great dishes by Chinese people and widely used for long life and beauty. Swiftlet nest is a precious cooking material enjoyed by emperors and aristocrats of ancient China for their beauty and long life. High-concentrate essence contained in the extract of swiftlet nest of Bird’s Nest Eye Patch brings elasticity to eye rims by providing moisture and assisting generation of skin collagen. Rich sialic acid, the high bio-functional substance, is contained in the swiftlet’s saliva. Content of sialic acid therein is about 2000 times of human saliva and 200 times of honey bee saliva (royal jelly). It is helpful for improving skin elasticity and moisturizing as well as normalizing skin turnover cycle.

c) Efficacies of swiftlet nest extract
1) Improving moisture retaining power
Swiftlet nest extract (1000mg) contained in Gold Bird’s Nest Hydrogel Eye Patch supplies moisture to dry skin and keeps skin moisturized. Also, it protects skin and prevents vaporization of moisture supplied to skin by forming fine coated nets.

2) Containing rich sialic acids (200 times of royal jelly)
Rich sialic acid (about 200 times of royal jelly) contained in swiftlet nest extract provides moisture and nourishment to skin and keeps skin young and elastic.

3) Effects of skin rejuvenation and turnover
EGF contained in swiftlet nest extract removes skin wastes, helps skin turnover (rejuvenation) and keeps skin transparent and clean

4) Supplying beneficial vitamins to skin
Rich vitamins contained in swiftlet nest extract bring brightness and radiance to dark and rough skin.

5) Smoothening, soothing and vitalizing skin
Swiftlet nest extract smoothens and soothes skin and provides vitality to skin.

6) Cooling and soothing care
Eye Patch soothes irritated and sensitive skin by providing cooling sensation to skin upon wearing. Application of the patch after keeping in the cold storage will provide further cooling and refreshing sensation.

d) It’s a moisturizing and nourishment patch for taking care of nasolabial folds and dry skin around the mouth, as well as wrinkled eye rims.

e) The patch improves eye rim wrinkles and nasolabial folds with convenience and tight adhesion.

3. Hydrogel eye patch containing 24k gold (purity 99.9%)
24k pure gold is effective in promoting blood circulation, detoxification and purification of skin, absorbing nourishment into skin and improving immunity and reducing skin inflammation. Pure gold contained in the product maintains skin color and provides vitality to eye rims. Gold keeps skin vitalized and elastic as well as supplying rich nourishment.
Hydrogel eye patch containing 24k gold is an eye patch for taking concentrated care of tired eye rims. The essence containing Skullcap (scutellaria baicalensis) oil condensed in the eye patch keeps skin around eye rims moisturized and elastic.

4. Containing sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) Hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturizing factor, increases the level of moisture of skin, keeps skin moisturized and protects skin from trouble-causing matters like pollution and UV rays. The harmless natural moisturizing factor exists in the skin to some extent. Moisture content of hyaluronic acid is about 6000 times of ordinary moisture factor, and it absorbs and stores moisture around itself. When it is contained in the cosmetics, it prevents vaporization of moisture by pulling nearby moisture and minimizes external irritation by forming moisture membrane.
Hyaluronic acid, the natural moisturizer in body, exists in dermis layer and provides elasticity and volume effect. However, volume of hyaluronic acid begins to decrease following aging followed by loss of elasticity and generation of wrinkles. Aging brings decreased production and supply of hyaluronic acid and skin aging. This is when cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid can be greatly helpful. Hyaluronic acid is an excellent natural moisturizing factor that prevents trouble by blocking bacteria and helping skin immunity and healing system.

5. Efficacies of main ingredients
a) Swiftlet nest extract : improving moisturizing and elasticity, skin rejuvenation

b) 24k gold: promoting blood circulation, skin purification, improving skin immunity function, reducing function, reducing skin inflammation, improving vitality around eye rims, strengthening elastic, moisturizing, providing nourishment

c) Hyaluronic acid: supply of moisture, protecting moisture from vaporization

d) Betaine: natural moisturizer, strong moisturizing effect, skin soothing, preventing skin dryness, normalization of skin functions

e) Green tea extract: skin radiation, pore contraction, anti-aging, skin brightening

f) Chamomile flower extract: skin soothing effect, relieving irritation, promoting blood flow, anti-allergic function, reliving inflammation

g) Glycerin: moisturizer, preventing skin dryness, normalization of skin functions

h) Lavender flower extract: anti-inflammatory action, antimicrobial action, skin rejuvenation

i) Bergamot leaf extract: soothing mind and body, recovery of fatigue

j) Peppermint leaf extract: cooling effect, providing freshness

k) Freesia extract: detoxification and soothing

l) Rosemary leaf extract: soothing, moisturizing and astringent effect, skin barrier function

m) Rosa Demascena flower water: whitening effect, moisturizing, improving skin damage

n) Ginseng extract: anti-oxidant action, skin rejuvenation, improving wrinkles, improving atopic dermatitis, improving skin barrier, moisturizing effect, preventing acne

o) Honey extract: moisturizing, strengthening skin elasticity, improving acne skin, anti-aging, skin protection, improving facial color, removing wastes, pore cleaning

p) Tea tree extract: sterilization and anti-inflammatory action, skin soothing and relaxation, supply of moisture, pore astringent, skin protection, skin elasticity, detoxification

q) Niacinamide: functional ingredient for skin brightening, anti-oxidation, supply of nourishment, normalization of secretion of sebum, improving troubles

r) Adenosine: functional ingredient for improving wrinkles, improving elasticity, collagen synthesis, anti-inflammatory action, healing wounds, improving troubles

s) Scutellaria baicalensis extract: a natural preservative, for removing harmful oxygen (anti-aging), anti-inflammatory action, anti-allergic action, anti-oxidant action, brightening function, moisturizing function

t) Argan tree kernel oil: moisturizing, preventing moisture vaporization, anti-inflammatory action, anti-aging, improving elasticity

u) Hydrolyzed collagen: skin moisturizing, improving elasticity, anti-aging, preventing freckles

v) Castor oil: improving wrinkles, solving skin troubles, relieving acne, moisturizing effect, removing scar, relieving stretch marks, antimicrobial effect

w) Aloe Vera leaf juice: healing wound, anti-aging, whitening function, providing elasticity, antimicrobial effect, antivirus effect, astringent effect, moisturizing effect, inhibiting sebum

│ The product is exceptionally effective for the following persons │

a) those who have dry eye rims because of lack of moisture
b) those who want to bring back elasticity around eye rims
c) those who want improve wrinkles around eye rims and nasolabial folds
d) those who want to take care of dead skins generated by dryness
e) those who need moisturizing on dry skin
f) those who are worried about dryness around mouth
g) those who want to bring radiance and elasticity to dull skin
h) those who have sensitive skin (It’s low-irritant hydrogel, good for sensitive skin as well)

│ Direction │

1. Tidy up your skin using cosmetic water or basic cosmetics after facial wash.
2. Take out eye patch using the enclosed spoon.
3. Apply the patch on the necessary parts (eye rims, around mouth, nasolabial folds and other necessary parts)
4. Take off the patch after 15~20 minutes of application and tap the residual essence for proper absorption.

│ Tips for handling │

1. Hydrogel ingredients may get dried after opening. Therefore, it is recommended to use upon opening. For storing, make sure the cap is securely closed and completely sealed.

2. Differentiating from the existing packs causing inconveniences because of essence liquid flowing down from the pack soaked with essence, excellent adhesion and gradual absorption of Hydrogel Eye Parch makes daily life available while wearing eye patches. Also, the wearer can go to sleep wearing it, because it’s in soft hydrogel type that does not give burden to skin.

3. Practice acupressure around eye rims before using eye patch to help blood circulation and faster and more effective absorption of the essence.

4. Highly condensed essence left after applying around eye rims can be used for hands, neck and other parts of body.

5. Differentiating from the existing hydrogel products on the market, Gold Bird’s Nest Hydrogel Eye Patch is a pure hydrogel without containing foreign substances. Therefore, remaining hydrogel after use may be used for facial cleansing after melting in hot water or used on face and body as a replacement of essen ce, skin and lotion.

6. Gold Bird’s Nest Hydrogel Eye Patch is an eco-friendly eye patch that completely dissolves in hot water (over 80°C)

│ Cautions for use │

1. Stop using in case of having the following abnormalities as a result of using cosmetics. Consult your skin specialist to prevent aggravation of symptoms by continuous use.
 a) In case of having red spots, swelling, itching and irritation while in use
 b) In case of having the above symptoms on the applied part by direct sunlight.

2. Do not use the product on the parts of wound, eczema and skin inflammation.

3. Storing and handling
 a) Tightly close the cap after use.
 b) Keep the product out of reach of infants and children.
 c) Store the product avoiding too high or low temperature and direct sunlight.

│ Whole ingredients│

Purified water, glycerin, carrageenan powder, swiftlet nest extract (1000mg), lavender flower extract, bergamot leaf extract, peppermint leaf extract freesia extract, rosemary leaf extract, chamomile flower extract, Rosa Demascena flower water, ginseng extract, honey extract, tea tree extract, sodium hyaluronate, green tea extract guar gum, niacin-amide, calcium pantothenate, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, tocopheryl-acetate, pyridoxine HCL, malto-dextrin, silica, sodium starch octenylsuccinate, ceritonia siliqua gum, adenosine, scutellaria baicalensis extract, argan tree kernel oil, hydrolyzed collagen, butylene glycol, allantoin, PEG-60 hydrogenerated castor oil, calcium chloride, ricinus communis oil, betaine, aloe vera left juice, gold (10μg), fragrance, mica, yellow oxide of iron (C177492), tin oxide, titanium dioxide, methyl paraben, phenoxyethanol, chlorphenesin, disodium EDTA

│ Specification │

*Volume (content): 60 sheets (eye parch 1.6g x 60 sheets)
Concentrated daily care around eye rims for 30 days (60 sheets for 30 times)
*Duration for use: 6 months after opening the cap.

Product Detail Image
  • Gold Bird_s Nest Hydrogel Eye Patch

  • Gold Bird_s Nest Hydrogel Eye Patch

  • Gold Bird_s Nest Hydrogel Eye Patch

  • Gold Bird_s Nest Hydrogel Eye Patch

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