Ingersoll Rand VL140 Drifter

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- Ingersoll Rand VL140 Pnuematic Drifter  (Part number: 50491935)

* Condition: New
* Type: Rotary Drilling Rig
* Packaging: Export standard wooden packing
* Shipping: by sea or by air

[Available models]

Maker                    Model               Drifter                                Remark
ATLAS COPCO       400 SERIES     BBE57-01 
                             400 SERIES     COP131 
                                                  COP1032                              BOOMER
                                                  COP1038                              BOOMER
                             ROC 812HCS   COP1238/1838 
                             ROC 742HCS   COP1238/1838 
                             ROC 748HCS   COP1238/1838 
                                                   COP1238 SERIES                 BOOMER132/282/352/353
                                                   COP1440 SERIES 
                             ROC-D5           COP1838 SERIES 
                             ROC-D7-11      COP1838 SERIES                JUMBO/L2D/L2C/353/352/XL3C
                             ROC-F9           COP1840/1850/2550/2560 
                             ROC-F11         COP 4050

Maker              Model                            Drifter                       Remark
 (SANDVIK)                                           L600 
                       COMMANCO300             HL300 
                       CHA500                         HL500 
                       RAGER500                     HL550/560/HL510 
                       RANGER K5                   HL510 
                       CHA600/660                   HL600/600TM 
                       RAGER700                     HL700 
                       CHA1100C                     HL1000 
                       DHA1000                        HL600 
                       MINIMATIC HS205D        HL538 

Maker               Model                    Drifter                     Remark
FURUKAWA        PCR200                 PD200 
                        PCR200A               PD200 
                        PCR200E               PD200 
                        HCR-C300S           HD300S 
                        HCR-300                HD300 
                        HCR-C500              HD500 
                        HCR-500S              HD500S 
                        HCR-9 SERIES      HD609-1 
                        HCR-9 SERIES      HD609-2                    HD609 Q.E.D
                        HCR-12 SERIES    HD612-1/HD612-2
                        HCR-12 SERIES    HD612-2/HD612-3        HD612 Q.E.D
                        HCR15-EDS           HD612-2 
                        HCR15-EDS           HD615-3                    HD615 Q.E.D
                        HCR10-DS             HD709 
                        HCR-900                HD709 
                        HCR-1200              HD712 
                        HCR-1500              HD715 
                        JTH SERIES          HD75 
                        JTH SERIES          HD150 
                        JTH SERIES          HD190 
                        JTH SERIES          HD210

Maker                          Model                         Drifter                  Remark
INGERSOLL-RAND         LM100                        YD90 
                                   ECM345/350/351          VL140/EVL130 
                                   CDH-701                     YH45 
                                   CDH-712                     YH50 
                                   CDH-812                    YH55 
                                   LM-401C                    YH60A 
                                   LME-500C                  YH65A                 CDH-901C
                                   LMA-500C                  YH100(RPS) 
                                   LMEAC-500                YH80 
                                   ECM590                     YH80A/YH80 
                                   LM-470(CM-470)         YH70S 
                                   CM/ECM-580             YH80/100RPS

Maker           Model           Drifter                             Remark
SULLIVAN     JOY              VCR260/360/361/460

Maker             Model                Drifter          Remark
TOYO              THCD-550          TH500 
                      THCD-650C        TH501 
                      THCD-656C        TH800 
                      TCD-915C          TH501 
                      TCD-918CH        TH800 
                      TCD-1218           TH850 
                      TCD-1229          TH850R 
                      TCD-928C         TH800R

Maker            Model                        Drifter          Remark
TAISEI           DCH600S/DCH400        T3-2

Maker             Model                      Drifter          Remark
DAINONG       DNCD2000/3000          T3-2

Maker           Model                     Drifter            Remark
SOOSAN       SHCD650                 SP3 
                    SD700 SERIES         SP3/SP3-2 
                    SD1000/SD1300        SP3-2/SP-6

Maker             Model               Drifter          Remark
MITSUBISHI     MCD10/ 10-ll     MDH120

Maker           Model                             Drifter            Remark
KOKEN          RPD130C-EQN/130-lI        X18-0028-P

Maker           Model                  Drifter          Remark
YBM             ECO-13V/13V-ll   



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