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Mycoplasma cultivation/Identification/ Enumeration/ Susceptibility Test Kit is intended for cultivation, identification, enumeration and antibiotic susceptibility tests of Ureaplasma Urealyticum (UU) and Mycoplasma Hominis(MH) in human urogenital tract in one step. 
Mycoplasma is one of the main pathogens which lead to nongonoccal urethritis (NGU), cervical, pelvic inflammatory disease, such as orchitis, epididymitis etc, and cause infertility to men and women. These pathogens can attack and destroy urogenital epithelial cells, causing infection of AIDS and other transmitted diseases. Among all the Mycoplasma species, UU and MH are able to lead transmitted diseases. The incidence is continuously increasing, seriously compromising human health. The key to the treatment and prevention of the spread of Mycoplasma is timely and accurate detection. Currently, culture method is still being recognized as a reliable method to identify Mycoplasma infection. 
The test kit consists of susceptibility culture media (freeze-dried) and IES test boards. The ingredients of culture media contain peptone, yeast extract, serum, growth factors, other nutrients, and urea, arginine. Urea can be decomposed by urease in UU and releases NH3; arginine can be decomposed by arginase in MH and releases NH3. NH3 increases the pH value of the culture broth and broth color turns from yellow to red. The broth contains antibacterial agent which inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. The test board's wells are designed for control test and UU, MH identification, enumeration and susceptibility test of UU and MH.
Product Feature
1.Repetition Rate: 100%
2.Coincidence Rate: more than 90%
3.Specificity: 100%
4.Intra-batch Discrepancy:less than 10%
5.Inter-batch Discrepancy: less than 5 %
6.Culture broth should be sterile and clear.
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1)Neutral bulk package;
2)Neutral box package;
3)OEM package.

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1.We will ship the items after the payment is reached.
2.We can ship to you by UPS/DHL/TNT/Fedex. Pls contact us directly and we will use your preferred ways. 
3.We are not responsible for any accidents, delaysor other issues that are the responsibility of the shipping service.
4.Any import fees or charges are the buyer's responsibility.
Male: Collect urethral secretions, prostate secretion, seminal fluid (liquefied first, then add 500ul ) or midstream urine for culture (for midstream urine, take 10ml for centrifugal at 2000r/min for 10 minutes, then collect the sediment 500ul for inoculation);
Female: Collect cervix secretion with help of speculum or amniotic fluid for culture. Urine is not recommended for culture.
For positive culture broth obtained by cultivating in normal mycoplasma medium, just suck up 30-50ul for test.
Other Information
1.Ideal test result will be likely to obtain following the procedures above completely.
2.The microbiological inspection mainly depends on the collection of specimen, so a negative may not indicate that there is no infection of mycoplasma.
3.If a negative result is obtained, it only indicates mycoplasma may not exist in the medium.
4.For definite clinical diagnosis, it is necessary to appeal to other methods and instruments 

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