H+Cushion (Healing Cushion)

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  • MaterialAdenosine, Niacin amide, Centellea Asiatica Extract, Portulaca extract
  • Size7.3 * 7.5 * 3.3 cm
  • Weight9 g
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[MK Universal Inc.]

  • South Korea South Korea

MK Universal Inc.

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Product Development Story

We started to develop Healing Cushion as we came to a question where why we cannot provide to our customers the BEST cushion in the market? Just how we have changed the aesthetic market with Healing Cream.


Other air cushion talk about their concept;

Coverage, Cooling effect, long lasting coverage, anti-aging, water proof, for man, fancy design, easy to use. But always, they forget the most important thing. (This is very important comparison point)


The SKIN! Skin is the best dress that every girl can wear. We are covering with mineral based make-up to cover, to hide but the skin is suffering from the make up. At the end, when you get old, people spend more money and time to recovery their skin damage. Remember that easy come and easy go! Something convenient has always negative side.


As MK’s philosophy to be modest in skincare. We wanted to create a best cushion which is in market. We wanted to HEAL YOUR SKIN.


That is why Healing Cushion came to life.


The main focus in Healing cushion is

1. Regeneration of new skin all day long 

2. Protection from other environment 

3. Healing your skin. 

4. Beautiful Skin.  



It took about 1 year for finding the right product with the right texture and the right material. As the Healing Cream heals your skin after any kind of treatment. MK wanted to give something very effective during the make up WHICH IS HEALING(Regenerating).


1. Regeneration of new skin all day long 


Most of the female wears make up more than 10 hours a day. Normal skincare or make-up has something called mineral oil or silicon which has nice texture and coverage. However it is blocking the skin which will make your skin dull after few hours. Skin will feel stress and you feel more tired.  


Healing Cushion help to cover up as the second layer of skin and it has skin regenerating ingredient such as Adenosine for skin regeneration. It will cover and it will regenerate your skin all day long. Happy skin environment skin regeneration but Unhappy skin environment No skin regeneration. 


2. Protection from other environment 

Healing Cushion has something called WWS (Water Wrapping System) “ Super Moisturized Effect ” : H+ Cushion forms thin moisture layer on the skin surface. Protects TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) and long lasting moisturized feeling. TEWL is very important in skincare because during the blood flow in our system, water is transferred place to place and during this process, there is water loss. During your day time, especially for dry skin, it is very important for protecting the water loss to keep the skin moisturized from external invasion of impurities and also skin damage.


High moisture level = higher protection from external factors


3. Healing your skin. 

        There is no concept for Healing cushion, IT IS JUST SKIN HEALER 


4. Beautiful Skin. 



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