White Organia Black Pearl Hydrogel Panda Eye Patch

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  • Size80.0 * 40.0 * 80.0 mm
  • Weight173 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T
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  • Unit Price 7500 KRW   (6.67616165212747USD)
    (1 USD = 1123.4 KRW - Export-Import Bank of Korea Data, 20180716)
  • MOQ96 Pieces
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  • South Korea South Korea


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Product Detail Information

White Organia Black Pearl Hydrogel Panda Eye Patch

│ Description │ 


For protecting and purifying around skin of eyes, colloidal gold and collagen, various vegetable extract moisturize and nourish coarse skin. 


│ Specification │

*Capacity or weight : 90g(60pcs)
*Product Highlights : All Skin Types
*Terms of use, or period after opening : marked separately
*How to use
1.After wash, apply skin texture with toner.

2.Put eye patch to around eyes and lips.

3.Take off patch after 20~30min.

4.Finish with residue essence as pat gently.
*Country : Korea


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