Foam Block

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  • MaterialPolyethylene Aluminium
  • Size71.0 * 77.0 * 1.0 cm
  • Weight262 g
  • Payment TermsL/C
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  • South Korea South Korea
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We are the first company to manufacture and sell Foam Blocks in Korea.

We are the first to launch in 2015-2016 TV Home Shopping.

We are achieved more than 50 times soldout record. (No.1 domestic market)

In January 2016 We won the "National Consumer-Driven Brand Award" (NCDB).

we has the technology available from product design to mold design, mold making.

We are interested in finding the first-class importers who would be in a position to handle our products in your country.

We would appreciate any assistance please you could give us in establishing contact with qualified importers.

If you require further information or samples we will be pleased to send it along promptly. 


* Product Features 


1. Insulation effect and prevention of mold proliferation.

2. Aluminium silver foil, covering the back side of foam brick, prevents electromagnetic  waves and mold, and it even has great insulation.
3. Great cushioning and sound proof effect.

4. Shock proof functionality and noise prevention will ease concerns about your kids.
5. Simple and easy interior design.

6. Available in various decorating designs, just cutting the foam brick with scissors or cutters.

7. Easy to clean with wet tissues or towels.

8. Free from 6 Toxic chemicals.


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  • Foam Block

  • Foam Block

  • Foam Block

  • Foam Block

  • Foam Block

  • Foam Block

  • Foam Block

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