3D forming curved screen protector for Galaxy S7 edge (PET)

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Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung produce their smartphones with different shapes/types of touch screen(flexible, curved, edge etc.) for the reasons of the customers satisfaction and the development of touch screen manufacturing techniques, but other screen protector manufacturers cannot produce the products for those new shapes/types touch screen. Bioshield uses the 3D forming mold technology to make the optical PET film shaped (curved) and it covers the new shapes/type of touch screen perfectly.



- For devices with a curved LCD screen such as Galaxy S7 edge and S7.
- It is formed in the exact shape of device's curved screen so it can cover and protect the whole screen without air bubbles.
- PET material which is the most commonly used material for the front and the most favored by customers.



- Edge to edge protection (perfect fit)
- 2~3H hardness
- AFP coated
- High transmittance
- Antimicrobial (optional)
- Made in Korea

- Galaxy S7 edge : Front x 1 sheet (PET) + Back x 1 sheet (PET or TPU)


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