Uni-well Natural Foam Cleanser

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Uni-well Natural Foam Cleanser


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Natural Foam Cleanser is a purifying hydrophilic cleanser with non-toxic natural cleansing ingredients. Abundant in mineral with 3% UJW8575 (marine algae extract), it provides moisture and nourishment for skin like a mud pack. It has excellent cleansing to remove residue with only one wash and creates a moisturizing coating film that maintains moisture after cleansing.



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This product have UJW8575(3%). That is a bioactive substance extracted from marine algae in the clean area of Korea. Thanks to its natural preserving power, it prevents

product deterioration without the need of chemical additives. As it is rich in marine polyphenols and fucoidan, it is excellent in anti-oxidizing and anti-aging. Also abundant in alginic acid, a dietary polysaccharide, it assists skin regeneration and moisturization as well as improvement of biological activity. UJW8575 is the exclusive patented substance (Patent No. 10-138147) of Uniwell.


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The skin should use a mild cleansing product that weak min, If you want to keep the moisture in the skin after cleansing without pulling. 



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