Dot Art! EGGTOK watercolor painting material, for 3+, HONEY

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  • MaterialWatercolor, PP, PE
  • Size170.0 * 125.0 * 70.0 mm
  • Payment TermsT/T


  • South Korea South Korea


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Eggtok honey 6color - washable paint markers for kids


We would like to introduce a unique new coloring product for kids.
The product contains liquid paint, that is EASY TO USE.

Tired of preparing and cleaning paint?
Worried about its safeness?
Eggtok can take care of all your concerns. Above all and kids love it !


What's so special?
Convenience + Design + Function + Safety

# Convenience
- No paint-brushes, palette or even water required!
- All you need is Eggtok and paper.
- Just shake the egg, then tap. It's that easy!
- Close the lid when finished!

# Design
- Designed and sized to fit kids' hands.
- The friendly egg shape arouses interest from kids.

# Function
- Eggtok is the only product that CAN DOT PAINT, DRAW LINES AND COLOR SPACES.
(PCT Registered)
- No leaks, even when shaken or dropped.

# Safety
- Nontoxic. (KC Approved)
- Washable.


- Composition : Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Viloet
- Size : 170*125*70
- Main Ingredient : Watercolor, PP, PE
- 40ml each per color

Patent (PCT), KC

1. Mix the paint by sufficiently shaking the EGGTOK.
2. Tap several times and use after checking the sponge is wet.
3. Do not use for any other purposes besides painting.
4. When the paint gets on the skin, wash it off immediately.
5. When the paint is stained on clothes, wash it as soon as possible, as the clothes can be smeared.
6. Parents need to look after their kids when painting.

1. The cap should be closed for keeping after use.
2. Do not leave under sunlight or high temperature.

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  • Educational toys_ Arts_Crafts_ Children toys_ Eggtok 6 color

  • Eggtok honey 6color _ watercolor painting material for kids

  • Educational toys_ Arts_Crafts_ Children toys_ Eggtok 6 color

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