81500CZ sewing machine for fishing net

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Keestar 81500CZ net sewing machine


Keestar 81500CZ net sewing machine is single needle, three thread overedging sewing machine for attaching ropes to net borders.


81500CZ-10 could attaching ropes from 2-10mm;
81500CZ-16 could attaching ropes from 10-16mm;
depending on the thickness of the net and size of knots-as border or tensioning rope to nets used for sports, protection or safety.
for nets sewn parallel to the meshes, no feed dog is used and the throat plate has no slots (standard version).
for nets sewn diagonal to the meshes a feed dog with matching throat plate is included.
for joining nets larger than 45mm mesh width.


 stitching type  502             
 stitch range  4 to 12mm
 speed  1200rpm
 recommend speed  950rpm
 sewing capacity  2-16mm
 standard needle  9853G300/120


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