Keestar 24698-6 post bed sewing machine

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Keestar 24698-6 post bed sewing machine




Keestar 24698-6 post bed sewing machine is specially available for stitching tent, sail, umbrella,car cover, safety cover, camouflage net,etc. 


  1. with long arm, high post bed, compound feed mechanism, large vertical rotating hook, powerful servo motor, pneumatic presser foot lift and back tack;
  2. it has the features of powerful and stable feeding, nice and clean stitching, large working space, easy sewing on muitiple layer heavy weight articles and convenient operation.




 model            24698-6        
 speed  1000rpm
 stitch length  10mm
 needle bar stroke  47.3mm
 presser foot lift  28mm pneumatic
 needle  DY*3 26#
 needle gauge  19mm
 post height  184.5mm
 lubrication  manual
 working space  508*335mm



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