ALOE Wash Gel

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ALOE Wash Gel


[ Improvement Effects ]

- Water based gel type cleansing foam

  with excellent anti-bacterial and

  anti-inflammatory effect

- Elimination of dead skin cell, impurities

  and moisture supply-keeps moisture

  even after washing face

- Can be used as a cleanser4) Effective for

  seborrheic dermatitis, athelete’s feet, aczema


[ Main Components ]


Aloevera gel,

Witch hazel leaf extract,

Green tea extact, Camomile extract, etc.


- Accumulated Technology
- Skin Safety as Priority
- Features of materials: vegetable component and vitamins
- No artificial additives
- Technology
(1) Increasing efficiency of percutaneous absorption by using lecithin, a consisting component of cell membrane.
(2) Strengthening structural moisturization through nano-ceramide, etc.
(3) No heat extraction
– Through supercritical extraction (Jeonnam Nano Center) and ultrasonic extraction(Songdo Technopark) , preserving good components such as natural vitamins
(4) Using materials after fermenting
– Making particles small, various substances from fermentation creates excellent skin care effect.


- Natural material
- Product
> No perfume, no preservative, no pigment, no alcohol
> Improving other component’s affinity with nature
> No additional additives cosmetics without
The standard indicated ingredients(Japan Standard)
- Antiseptic and fragrance


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