Ultrafine copper oxychloride

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Alias:Ultrafine Copper oxychloride; Superfine Basic cupric chloride; Ultrafine Tri basic copper chloride; Ultrafine TBCC.
Appearance:Light green powder.
Product specification:5000meshes
Cu content:57.5% min
Physic-chemical Properties:Stable in the air,insoluble in water and organic solvents, but soluble in ammonia and acid.
Product Usage:

Pollution-free pesticide intermediates,medical intermediates, wood preservation,efficient copper source supplements.

Packing & storage:Plastic woven bag or cardboard packing, with plastic inside, net weight of each bag 25kg or 50kg.Stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse. Keep dry in the transportation.
ItemPurity (Cu%)

Particle size rang (μm)

Water (%)As(%)Pb(%)






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