Digital Micropigmentation makeup Device, DMD-T

Product Detail Information

[Product Introduction]
semi-permanent makeup, mts, microblading
DMD-T is a Digital Micro-pigmentation Makeup machine that inserts pigments into skin evenly by needling. The pigments on skin layer last artificial beauty for 1-2 years.

[Main Functions]

* 3 Functions: Auto-MTS, semi-permanent makeup, tattooing
* 2 Modes: Manual mode (6 speed levels, speed set by parts), User mode (9 speed levels, speed adjustable during procedure)
* Programmed: Implementation of precise needle length and rotation speed
* 11 types of disposable tips : Various needle types available depending on area of procedures/technique. Shortens procedure time up to 40%.
* Uses sterilized disposable puncture needles: Safe because of the usage of EO gas sterilized product (disposable puncture needles must be used while being attached to the main body and cannot be used separately)
* Safety installed for over-current: Fuse for protecting against over-current
* Brushless motor: Minimization of pain/noise/temperature of operation
* No pedal: Auto ON/OFF function
[Dimensions and Components]

Adapter Output 6V
Controller, handpiece, disposable tip, handpiece cradle, adapter
Brand : DMD
Style: Pen, Controller
Size :
Hand Piece_ 130 x 21 mm
Controller_ 150 x 155 x 35 mm
Additional Size Info:
Hand Piece _83 g
Controller_ 412 g
Pen_ Stainless Steel
Controller_ Plastic
Pen: Grey
Controller: White
Quantity: 1set


Possesses CE Certification

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