Permanent make up machine,Conture®-Liner Starter Korea

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  • MaterialSteel,Aluminium
  • Size265.0 * 110.0 * 250.0 mm
  • Weight1 kg
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Long-Time-Liner's technology consists of a controller and a handheld pigmentation device. We believe that our Conture®-Liner Starter represents the absolute state-of-the-art in field of semipermanent make-up, as have all our previous devices.  



The handheld pigmentation device works much like a modern ink pen in the sense that, rather than working with drops of ink on the skin, the Linergist® fills a compartment in the device with the selected colour, and this is then fed in a continuous supply to the tip of the needle. Among the great advantages of this is that the Linergist® has an unbroken line-of-sight to the area of skin on which she is working, meaning that she can apply the pigment with an extremely high degree of accuracy. Since the pigmentation device makes use of a very thin needle, the ability to have an unobscured view of the skin is essential if the best results are to be achieved. The fact that the colour is delivered straight from the handheld device also means that the colour remains clean throughout the procedure.


Since the LONG-TIME-LINER® handheld pigmentation device is driven by a stroke magnet rather than by a conventional motor, it works completely silently. This enables the Linergist®  to concentrate better on the important task at hand and leads to a more relaxing experience for the customer.

Surgical stainless steel

The needle used in the handheld device as well as various other components are manufactured from surgical stainless steel. This means that they can always be sterilised and reused.

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  • Permanent make up machine

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