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  • Material100% polyester


  • South Korea South Korea
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Description of PLEATS clothing

Pleats literally means pleated clothes.
It is a fashion item with wrinkled design which can express luxurious volume regardless of size.

Since pleats fabrics are extremely resilient, it always looks beautiful as it is ironed right away. Also its fabric is very light, making it very practical and easy to wear. The material is made up of 100% polyester. To enable permanent pleat representation of the fabric, the fabric is wrinkled with 30-ton roller pressure and applied with constant heat to deform the appearance into desired shape. In order to maintain durability of pleats during heat treatment process, moisture and pressure is added. Also, in order to articulate delicate and unique wrinkles, special processing and chemical treatment is done on the fabric.

Pleats’ representative flagship brand is by Issey Miyake and customer age group is varied from 30s to 70s.





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