Ultrasonic plastic welding generator

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  • Size390.0 * 285.0 * 133.0 mm
  • Weight7 mg
  • Payment TermsT/T,Western Union
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Ultrasonic plastic welding generator


Ultrasonic plastic welding generator


Electrical Specifications
Frequency 15kHz 20kHz 28kHz 30kHz 35kHz 40kHz
Output power(kW) 2.6/3.2/4.2 1.2/2.0/3.0 0.8/1.2 0.8/1.2 0.8/1.2 0.8
Power Supply 200-240V  AC   50/60Hz
Max Electric Current (A) 10.0/14.5/19.0 5.5/9.1/14.5 3.7/5.5 3.7/5.5 3.7/5.5 3.7
Environment Temperature 5-50 Degree Centigrade
The Welding Time Continuous
Size (mm) The Size Of 4.2kW    450x300x133
Length x Width x Height Others Size     390x285x133
Weight The Weight Of 4.2kW   8.5kg
(kg) Others      7kg
Product Components Transducer, Booster
 RF Lines, Signal Lines
Key Features
1. Using high precision DDS frequency synthesis technology, real-time tracking and storage frequency, frequency tracking accuracy of 0.01HZ.

2. Welding amplitude 1%-100% can be set (accuracy 1%)

3.  Welding modes:time,energy

4. Electronic amplitude control function, output amplitude is maintained with a variation of only +/- 2% with the line voltage fluctuations of +/-10%.

5. Mold impedance analysis+prolection

6.Overload protection

7.Voltage protection(in put)

8.Transducer voltage protection

9. Auto seek with Memory


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