skin care facial mask pack

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  • MaterialPropanediol, Aloe vera extract, Mugwort extract, Witch Hazel Extract, Sunflower seed oil ., etc
  • Size130.0 * 180.0 * 2.0 mm
  • Weight27 g
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  • South Korea South Korea


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OKA Facial Sheet Mask Collection,

Assorted pack of 7 Masks




- Specializes and focuses on every key ingredients of the facial mask.

(anti-wrinkle, whitening, redefining, hydrating/nourishing, anti-acne/blemishes, pore purifying, for men/kids)


- Expresses every results by characterized illustrations, and the main skin problems are friendly named/characterized to help the customers choose what they need for their skin concerns.


- (Cool Guy/Shiny Kid/Moisturizing) implies the simplified yet positive images of the total care.


- Gives men healing/rest for their fatigued life/ Gives fun for kids who want to be like their moms.




Concept - Emphasizes the concept that people of all ages can enjoy, and it is the must have travel essentials.

Main Features - Hydration & Nourishment Care, Whitening & Moisture Care, Wrinkle & Nourishment Care, Pore & Nourishment Care, Hydration & Cooling Care

Volum - 27ml, 23ml (Shiny Kid) X 10ea

Target - Anyone who wants a special treatment for the skin.


MOISTURIZING - Hydration & Nourishment Care

Explanation - Highly hydrated renewal actions for instant smoothed skin. Sunflower natural moisture from skin evaporation and aloe vera extract soften skin texture and retains hydrated skin.




ANTI FRECKLE - Hydra Nourishment Care

Explanation - Highly enriched essential care to help even tone and gloss skin.

Green tea extracts balances skin tone and ease freckles by inflammation.



WHITENING (Skin Whitening functional cosmetic) - Whitening & Moisture Care

Explanation - Bright and protect skin overexposed from sunlight. Rejuvenating uneven tone to luminous and refresh skin from a sign of dark spots and pigments.

WRINKLE CARE (Wrinkle Care functional cosmetic) - Wrinkle & Nourishment Care

Explanation - Restore youthfulness and supply care with highly enriched essential anti-wrinkle mask. High level of vitamin E, avocado oil penetrates skin cells deeply and royal jelly extract boosts elasticity and firmness.



PORE CARE - Pore & Nourishment Care

Explanation - Clarifies the clogged pores by witch hazel, mugwort, green tea extracts. Fulfill the lack of nourishment for face purification.



COOL GUY - Hydration & Cooling Care

Explanation - Soothe and calm men’s irritated skin after shaving. Cooling effect of menthol will relax your skin with the moisture and nourishment for radiance skin.



SHINY KID - Hydration & Nourishment Care

Explanation - Softhearted nutritious mask protects from UV rays and pigmentation for baby.



How to use - 1. Freshly cleanse the face and make it dried.

2. Unfold mask and apply mask gently on the face.

3. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes.

Massage gently of remaining serum.



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  • skin care facial mask pack

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