Chocolate Crayons

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  • MaterialCacao Butter, Soybean Oil, Natural Beeswax, Starch
  • Size35.0 * 125.0 * 260.0 mm
  • Weight270 g

[Goeunbit Co Ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Product1. Chocolate crayons

"Chocolate crayons" do not consist of any materials extracted from oil such as paraffin and chemical additive. We only used chocolate and food material listed on food code to make our product. Also for color, we used safe natural colors and put priority on safety. Our product is harmless, but to prevent kids from eating the product for hygenic reasons we removed sugar and scent of chocolate. So do not encourage the kids to eat the product.


product size: Chococrayon 4colors       85*120*15mm  50g

                  Chococrayon 12colors    260*125*35mm  270g

                  Chococrayon 16colors    310*125*35mm  330g



Product2. Crayons remover 

"Crayons remover" is a product of the concept without ever launched globally. If you use it, easily remove the crayons when spills silk wallpaper, leather sofa, etc. (except the paper) And it made of chocolate ingredients harmless to humans, such as crayons, scented crayons produced by Goeunbit Co., Ltd.



How to use 

1. Open the cap.

2. Turn out the bottom until the liquid.

3. To erase the stain with a brush attached.



product size: height*width / weight  

                         111*33mm / 20g 




Product3. Staro Crayons 

It is a combination of the words STAR and AROMA, and the word "STAR" was used to indicate intuitive recognition of the star-shape of crayons, and the hopes of parents that their children would grow as a "star", and the word "AROMA" was used to show that Staro Crayons contain aromatic scents that makes the products perfect in terms of functions. 



〮Staro Crayons Design  

-As the product has five edges, so when the crayon becomes blunt while being used, it is possible to use the other edges for drawing

-Todders with weak grasping power can easily grab the product as it has engraved semicircle in the center of the product.

-The handle part empossed with the logo of Goeunbit prevents slipperiness and stimulate touches.



〮Staro Crayons Function 

-By eliminating paraffin which is one of harmful ingredients and adding chocolate which is a food ingredient, Goeunbit has made safe crayons.

-Rosemary and lavender flavors reduce stress, stabilize mind and body, and help increasing concentration.

-While drawing, children use their hands and accordingly their nerve are concentrated to it thus stimulating cerebral cortex and thereby helping the development of brain.





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