Diesel Engine Fault Diagnosis Training Equipmemt_ Auto Fault

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YES01 Youngil Education System

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■ Diesel engine simulator that equipped with fuel, cooling, intake, exhaust panel so that allows theoretical 
   training and experiments.
■ Easy to check and diagnose all faults that can happen in an actual vehicle system so that it's able to do 
   effective education concerning maintenance system.
■ Check terminal box is attached for the test of electronic circuits and sensors with diagnose devise.



■ Composition
 1) Diesel engine assembly
 2) Fuel Filter, Fuel Tank, Fuel Pump, Fuel Devices, DC 12V Car Battery and Generator
 3) Cooling Device Such As Radiator, Electric Fan, Overflow Tank and Relay and Antifreeze
 4) Exhaust system such as catalyst convertor and silencer
 5) Start switch (Key S/W) Anti-vibration dampers and a urethane wheels 
 6) Control box (for measurement of waveform), fuel tank and accelerator lever
 7) Stainless molding type safety guard is installed
 8) Radiator-only stand and laser processing protection panel
 9) Drawer type storage space 1ea
 10) Fault insertion, control panel open and close feature and 3 stage PCB board mounted 
■ Size : Approx. 1,500 X 1,400 X 1,300 mm
■ Weight : Approx. 430 kg



Training Contents
■ Various practices by self-diagnosis.
■ Measurement of exhaust, Measurement and inspection of compression pressure of cylinder.
■ Measurement of radiator cap pressure and inspection of the leakage from the radiator.
■ Operation test of Fuel pump, Measurement and inspection of Oil pressure.
■ Measurement and adjustment of tensions of timing chain and fan belt.
■ Measurement and adjustment of voltage and current in such as a charging circuits, start circuits.
■ Connector checking terminal for inspection of sensors and actuator.
■ Inspection of every part of intake and exhaust system.
■ Inspection of every part of each automotive electricity, fuel system, ECU, sensors and actuator.
■ Inspection of belts in cooling system and pumps.
■ Inspection of the rest of parts.


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