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Healthy Slimming!! New concept  AbdoSlim!!

AbdoSlim® offers perfect slimming solution while it contributes to decrease visceral fat as well as body fat. The product, focused on decreasing weight is not so effective and it could cause yo-yo syndrome. The problem is visceral fat and body fat. The high repurchase rate of AbdoSlim®  guarantees customer satisfaction.

Visceral fat is the problem !!

It is generally known fact that the visceral fat increases the risk of cancer and sudden death. Also, it increases the risk of diabetes type2, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and fatty liver.  The solution for the obesity should be focused on decrease of visceral fat. AbdoSlim® helps to make beautiful body line by decreasing body fat while it helps to maintain healthy life by decreasing visceral fat.

Clinic study in France

To further investigate the efficacy and safety of AbdoSlim® for body weight management and improvement of metabolic disturbances with reduction in oxidative stress, a second clinical study was performed using Sinetrol®. This study was published in 2013.

-       Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled

-       95 overweight subjects (BMI=26–29.9) in 2 groups: Sinetrol® (n=47) with 2x450mg/day or a placebo (n=48).

-       12-week supplementation.

-       Normal diet and 30min/week of physical activity

Proven fat loss: abdominal body fat decreased by 9.73% (p<0.0001) in the Sinetrol® group. Waist and hip circumferences were reduced by 5.17cm.


Clinical study in Korea

The study designed for 12 weeks without life style change (no recommendation of calorie restriction diet and exercise), for 25 subjects (M:3, F:22). After 12 weeks study, visceral fat decreased 9.5% and body fat decreased 2.1kg in average.AbdoSlim® is not a simple supplement for weight loss. Due to heavy drinking, binge and stress, more and more people gain abdominal fat and visceral fat. And it brings serious health problem such as cardiovascular problem and adult disease.

Despite modern people extremely desire to have beautiful body line by decreasing body fat, it is not easy to go out with training shoes because of tired daily life. AbdoSlim® is the answer for these needs.

Regular intake of AbdoSlim® shows same effect of regular exercise. If you intake AbdoSlim® with regular exercise, you will experience unbelievable result more quickly than your expect.


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  • Abdo Slim_ visceral fat down_ decrease weight

  • Abdo Slim_ visceral fat down_ decrease weight

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